Mercury Retrograde Webinar

Mercury is the God who can go in and out of the Underworld at will
Mercury is the God who can go in and out of the Underworld at will

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Mercury retrograde gets a bad press, but it can offer us a shift in perspective.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, and is well known as a bad time with problems with communications.

Beforehand we are advised to back up our computers and delay buying a new phone/computer, or signing contracts until Mercury moves direct again.

However not all Mercury retrograde periods are the same.

This year promises to be a enlightening and positive time as Mercury retrogrades back from water signs, into its own territory of air. In 2015 all 3 retrogrades will be in air signs.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, and information bombards us every day. In Mercury retrograde periods we are being asked to slow down and absorb the messages, to digest and take stock.

It’s an inward  journey.

This year the next Mercury retrograde starts on October 5th at 2 degrees of Scorpio. It will move forward again on October 26th at 16 degrees Libra.

However it enters the ‘shadow’ period on September 14th at 16 degrees of Libra. Then the return ‘shadow’ from October 26th until November 10th.

Mercury-The Magician

Mercury is The Magician in the tarot- the Master of the 4 Elements. Mercury is well known as the Messenger and the Trickster. He is also known as Hermes- the Guide at the Cross Roads.

Hermes is the brother of Apollo (The Sun God) and has the role as the Psychpomp, the only god that can go in and out of the Underworld at will.

Mercury connects us to our unconscious during his retrograde period, through reflection, journalling, guided meditation and dreamwork.

Join Pam on this fully illustrated Masterclass webinar to understand the relevance of this Retrograde journey for you.

magician tarot card
The Magician is Mercury, the master of the four elements.


  • What does this Mercury retrograde mean for you?
  • What are the questions to ask of Mercury?
  • What element is your natal Mercury-your mode of communication?
  • The spiritual significance of June 7th- the day of Mercury retrograde- and The Mayan Calendar
  • Meditation on the Magician

Master Class on Mercury Retrograde Thursday October 2nd at 7.30pm-8.45pm BST (2.30pm EDT)

To benefit from this Masterclass Pam recommends that you buy The Solar Writer Report which has a full colour birth chart so you can follow the tutorial. As a bonus Pam will include a PDF explaining the houses with a brief description of which part of your chart will be activated. It’s just £15.

Please attend the live webinar as there will be time for questions that won’t be on the recording!

Solar Writer Report

This is beautifully illustrated with a birth chart wheel.

This report is written by Stephanie Johnson and achieves an integrated feel as she writes more expansively on fewer factors.

The report’s author has a background in traditional and esoteric astrology so the report focuses more on what you are than why you act as you do.

The only astrological terms used in the text are the names of the planets and signs which makes it a good report for those who get distracted by astrological jargon.

May 22nd 2014 webinar from Solar Writer Report
May 22nd 2014 webinar from Solar Writer Report

This Report describes your:-

  • Life Goals (Sun and Jupiter)
  • Home and Emotions (Moon)
  • Education and Communication (Mercury)
  • Relationships (Venus)
  • Motivation (Mars)
  • Career and Ambitions (Saturn and Midheaven)
  • Creativity and Originality (Uranus and Neptune)
  • Challenges in Life (Pluto)
  • Purpose and Joy (Nodes and Ascendant)

Each section covers the points by sign and house with the major aspects.

This report is also excellent as a present. Average report length: 20 pages with beautiful illustrations.

Price £15.00 (Approx. $25)

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