Aquarius New Moon Feb 9th

First an affirmation for this Aquarius New Moon.

“Under the Aquarius New Moon, I embrace the winds of change and welcome the energy of innovation into my life. I trust in the unique path that unfolds before me, knowing that my individuality is a powerful force for positive transformation. As I set intentions for this lunar cycle, I affirm my commitment to authenticity, progress, and the collective well-being. May this New Moon illuminate my path with clarity and guide me towards new and exciting possibilities. I am open to the cosmic energies that surround me, and I trust in the universe to support my journey with its boundless wisdom. So may it be.” New Moon energy lasts for 72 hours.

Aquarius New Moon

This Aquarius New Moon is the first New Moon of 2024 with Pluto in Aquarius. It’s dramatic as Pluto re-entered Aquarius along with the Sun on January 21st. The Sun brings consciousness to the God of the Underworld. The personal planets in turn join Pluto.

Mercury joined on February 5th, just as the announcement was made on the TV news that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer. Watch the news on February 13th and 16th to find out more about Pluto and world events.

Also really important is Chiron in Aries close to the North Node. Healing issues of lack of self-worth and being good enough may surface in the next month. The Imposter Syndrome is up for healing.

Some ideas from the internet:-

The New Moon in Aquarius is a special celestial event that occurs when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, and both are positioned in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, symbolizing a time for fresh starts, setting intentions, and planting seeds for future growth.

Here are some general themes associated with the New Moon in Aquarius:

  • Innovation and Originality: Aquarius is an air sign known for its forward-thinking and inventive nature. The New Moon in Aquarius encourages embracing your uniqueness, thinking outside the box, and being open to progressive ideas. The ruler is Uranus now in Taurus with Jupiter approaching to join Uranus on April 20th.
  • Intellectual Exploration: Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and sudden insights. This New Moon may bring a focus on intellectual pursuits, learning, and exploring new ideas. It’s a good time to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge.
  • Community and Social Connections: Aquarius is also associated with community and social networks. This lunar phase may inspire you to connect with like-minded individuals, join groups, or collaborate on projects that have a positive impact on a larger scale.
  • Setting Intentions for the Future: New Moons are ideal for setting intentions and goals. Under the influence of Aquarius, consider setting intentions related to personal growth, humanitarian efforts, or making a positive impact on society.
  • Embracing Change: Aquarius is associated with change and progress. Use the energy of the New Moon to release old patterns, embrace change, and welcome the opportunity for personal and collective evolution.

To make the most of the New Moon in Aquarius, you might want to engage in activities like meditation, journaling, or ritual work to clarify your intentions and aspirations for the upcoming lunar cycle. Additionally, focusing on collaborative efforts and connecting with others who share similar visions can amplify the positive energy of this lunar phase.

Pluto is now in Aquarius

Pluto rules over shadow work and deep healing. Aquarius would bring a transformational energy to matters associated with Aquarius traits. Aquarius is associated with innovation, individuality, humanitarianism, and unconventional thinking. Pluto’s influence in this sign might involve deep transformations in technology, societal structures, and collective consciousness. The negative is independence and disassociation from feelings.

It was in Aquarius in 2023 from March 23rd until June 11th 2023. Mars is a 2 year cycle so it didn’t join Pluto in 2023. However it was in Leo on May 21st, opposite Pluto in Aquarius.

One headline that caught my eye- Mexico prosecutors withdraw case against woman sentenced to prison for killing a man raping her. Pluto can signify rape as the myth is the story of Persephone’s abduction by Pluto/Hades


  • The Sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces on February 19th.
  • The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on February 9th.
  • The Full Moon in Virgo arrives February 24th with the Sun in Pisces.
  • Mercury in Capricorn moved into Aquarius on February 5th. Public announcement-King Charles diagnosed with cancer.
  • Venus in Capricorn. Moves into Aquarius on February 16th.
  • Mars is in Capricorn. Moves into Aquarius on February 13th. This is important as Mars joins Pluto for the first time.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus is now direct.
  • Saturn is now direct in Pisces.
  • Uranus is direct in Taurus.
  • Neptune is direct in Pisces.
  • Pluto is in Aquarius.

Please watch my YouTube video above as I explain more fully about this Aquarius New Moon.

Aquarius in the Tarot is The Star

the starIn tarot, each zodiac sign is associated with a particular card from the Major Arcana. The card associated with Aquarius is The Star. The Star card is often depicted with a figure pouring water from two jugs into a body of water, symbolizing renewal, hope, and inspiration.

The Star is a card of optimism, spiritual insight, and healing. It suggests a period of positive energy, where you may find a sense of purpose and direction. This card encourages you to trust in the universe and believe in your own potential. It represents a time of spiritual awakening, inner peace, and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

The Star can signify a time of clarity, innovation, and a connection to higher realms of consciousness. It encourages you to have faith in the future and to follow your dreams with confidence.

Barren areas of your life may be fertilised by seeing the power above. Prayer brings release and accesses the depths of the psyche. Faith and hope guide the present. The magical power of astrology representing higher powers

Affirmation for The Star by Tad Mann

“I am a living, breathing star radiating pure energies and giving sustenance to myself and others through the inspiration of my light.”

EARTH SIGNS Jupiter moved into Taurus on May 16th 2023 for an entire year

Jupiter the greater benefic is now moving forward at 5 degrees 48 mins. Look where that is in your birth chart. It stationed at 15 degrees Taurus. It moved into Taurus for an entire year on May 16th until May 25th 2024. This is wonderful news for Taurus and Scorpio.
Jupiter is the planet of faith, faith in life, that life is worth living. It takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, so look back 12 years to understand its influence in your chart. It is the biggest planet in our solar system and Jupiter is Zeus, King of the Gods. It brings good luck, expansiveness and the feel good factor. It truly is the planet of abundance, especially now its in the earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and it promotes all activities connected to the earth such as gardening, music, farming, art, material wealth and all good things on the physical plane. It promotes cleaning and using Marie Kondo’s methods of letting go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn benefit from Jupiter’s gaze. Taurus is also compatible with the emotional water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

EARTH SIGNS Uranus is now direct in Taurus activating 23 degrees Taurus to 19 degrees Taurus. Change is what Uranus needs. Work with it. Make some practical changes in your life. Clear out those cupboards!

WATER SIGNS Neptune The Dreamer is now direct. In Pisces it favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate. We now have an opportunity to bring our dreams into manifestation. Trust your intuition.

One key word for Neptune is compassion. However it can also indicate illusion, deceit, scandal, loss, drowning, a feeling of being overwhelmed and lost. If you’ve been feeling exhausted, depressed, over-burdened and with little energy then I recommend taking time out and being kind to yourself. Bach Flower remedies such as Elm, Sweet Chestnut and Oak may be helpful. Also for shock Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy.

EARTH SIGNS Pluto is now direct. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. It has now re-entered Aquarius.

However Pluto becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38. It has moved into Aquarius from January 21st until September 2024 when it will retrograde back in Capricorn. However it only transits up to 2 degrees Aquarius so not a major transit.





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