Conception: your original story that generates life long patterns


If you have a problem in your life that seems impossible to solve, it could have originated before your birth at conception!

Dr. Chuck Spezzano (co-founder of Psychology of Vision) discovered that there is a direct link between your conception and your birth.

This is backed up by Pam in her experience with hundreds of participants on her workshops over the last 24 years and in her work as a consulting Soul Astrologer and Spiritual Coach.

In Chuck Spezzano’s words: “Conception is the root event in this life and generates life-long patterns.

Problems at the time of conception can come from our mother, or father, and their feelings about something in their lives or their situation.

Similarly, all feelings that our parents experienced during pregnancy, and any emotion experienced by anyone close to them (usually grandparents or siblings), have an indirect influence on us.

Our emotional experiences of these events provide aspects of our belief system. They are what we have come to work out and heal.

These issues, which include the general emotional atmosphere surrounding us and our parents at conception and birth, can affect us profoundly. Traumas at these times, if not healed, dictate the pattern of our life. Within the microcosm of conception and birth, the major patterns of our life can show themselves and be transformed.”

From ‘Healing the Body Through Mind and Metaphor’ by Janie Ticehurst and Chuck Spezzano (out of print).

In the Womb

During pregnancy there may well have been a traumatic event in the mother’s life. This can be the death of someone she loves or an accident that threatens the pregnancy. It could be events in the world such as a war or economic depression that affected her.  One of the most painful experiences might be if mother has previously miscarried, which means that the foetus can pick up mother’s anxiety that this might happen again. As the foetus feels this on an energetic level, it’s unconscious.

Astrology and the 12th house

In the astrological chart the 12th house is prebirth. This is the time through the last stages of pregnancy can be seen by the presence of the powerful major planets, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the 12th house of the chart. Their influence can lie dormant until triggered by transits, especially transits of  Chiron or Uranus through the 12th house, or aspecting the 12th house planets.

The Way Through

In the Healing Workshops, you can discover the unconscious story that might be blocking your happiness. The transformational healing processes that Pam uses help you come back to your centre. You can return home feeling reborn. Read about how people have experienced her workshops.>


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