August 2012 Full Moon in Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Creative Genius

Mercury retrograde is a time of reflection and reviewing what’s working and what’s not in the area of communication. Since Mercury is spending 10 weeks in the sign of Leo from 26th June until 1st September 2012, this can be an extraordinarily creative period.

Whatever you do, don’t act rashly or buy a new mobile phone, ipad or computer until Mercury goes direct on August 8th. Subscribe to ‘Which’ magazine for one month for just £1 and do some research first.

Leo is the sign where the Sun is strong. The Sun is pure power, our life force. We become enlivened by it and without it we wouldn’t exist. The Sun’s metal is gold, and to have a strong sun means you are confident and shining! Leo is the Lion, the natural King of the jungle and the sign of true leadership. Its also playful, the child within, and play is often the way that the muse communicates with us.

If your personal Sun is feeling stressed then you may have lost faith in yourself. This is the trap of the ego-otherwise known as Saturn operating in its negative role in astrology.

Creative Genius

There are 3 amazing aspects of Mercury to Uranus, on 4th July, 25th July and 18th August.

If you’ve had a strong desire for change this month, keep tuning in to your higher mind. Uranus trine Mercury is genius, so ideas that have come to you will be inspired.

We have 2 cognitive brains, the left and the right. Mercury rules the left brain, the logical linear way of thinking and Jupiter rules the right brain which thinks in images.

Understanding the left and right brain

The brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a stroke and she records in detail the process she went through as she switched from one side of her brain to the other.

She explains that she grew up to study the brain because she has a brother who was diagnosed with a brain disorder: schizophrenia.

As a sister, and later as a scientist, she wanted to understand why she could take her dreams, connect them to reality, and make them come true.

What was it about her brother’s brain and his schizophrenia that he could not take his dreams and connect them to a common and shared reality, so that instead they became delusion?

When she had her stroke she called the right brain being in a state of nirvana and said:-

“I was shifted into the power and the beauty of what is, right here right now, that we’re often distracted from because the left hemisphere is so tuned in to so many details. We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.”

I wrote at length about this in a previous newsletter.  Her Ted Talk is well worth watching, even if you’ve seen it before.  See june-gateway-mysteries-of-mind-heart

We all need to balance both sides, and if your intuition is weak then I strongly recommend ‘Instant Intuition’ by Anne Jirsch for ways to strengthen it.

Full Moon – my YouTube

My latest YouTube on the Full Moon is now online. I discuss Mercury Retrograde and how important it is at this full moon.

Fire and air signs are boosted, and Neptune and Chiron in the water sign of Pisces are connected to the South Node which signifies deep healing from the past. This may be past life or an ancestral problem. Soul astrology coaching can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed at this time.

Vedic Astrology

I work with both Western and Vedic astrology. I find that each offer a different and equally valid perspective on understanding the soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Put simply western astrology works with the tropical zodiac and is based on the seasons of the year. Vedic astrology works with the position of the planets as seen against the fixed stars, the actual constellations.
This is called the sidereal zodiac.

At one time the signs of the zodiac and their constellations were the same, now they have drifted apart by approx 23 degrees.
So if you don’t resonate to the qualities of your western Sun sign, try looking at the sign before it.

Saturn in Libra

Service is a key theme as Saturn is in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationship, so co-operation with others is highly beneficial.

It also moves into the constellation of Libra on August 5th. In sanskrit Saturn is called Shani, which is also the word for peace. Being peaceful means that we don’t get pulled off our centre, no matter what the Universe throws at us. Libra is where Saturn is exalted. This means that it will give of its best, as long as you be the one who helps, rather than the one who complains!

Saturn loves charity, helping the under privileged, the poor, the sick, the elderly.

The next 2 years are ideal for planning, having discipline, structure and putting time into long term projects.

It’s time to commit to what you love, to truly honor your soul’s path.

Mars meets Saturn August 15th

Be aware that this is a difficult transit. James Kelleher describes it as being in rush hour traffic, its stop, start, stop start. Patience and keeping your cool is the best approach. It’s worth knowing that if you combine Mars with Saturn in the form of lifting weights, you get really strong muscles. However if you want to push ahead and get angry and frustrated because something is stopping you, then all you get is stress.

Healing Your Birth Story- Win Your Heart Back and Reclaim Your Power

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We all have a soul promise- we chose to be here at this time of transition in the world. We promised to hold the light, to lead the way.

However many of us hold unconscious memories of past traumas and persecutions from other lifetimes, or passed down from our ancestors.
These re-occur in this lifetime as painful experiences where we moved off our centre and lost heart.

These unhealed -and often long forgotten and unconscious -stories stop us moving forward in our lives.
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 “Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated.”
Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

Go for gold this month!

blessings, Pam x