Focus on Relationships at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Although this eclipse may not be visible, how did you sleep last night?

Full Moons are always an emotional time and can bring up memories of old relationships that are long gone but may still be haunting us.

Here are some affirmations for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

“I release what no longer serves me, embracing the transformative energy of this lunar eclipse in Libra.”

“I am open to receiving powerful insights and guidance from the universe during this sacred time.”

“I trust in the process of change and welcome new beginnings into my life as Jupiter moves closer to Uranus.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to release old patterns in all my relationships and welcome positive transformation.”

“I am aligned with the cosmic energy and the divine feminine of this lunar eclipse with Venus in Pisces, embracing its magic and wisdom.”

“I release fear and doubt as the Moon is partially eclipsed, embracing confidence and empowerment in every aspect of my life as the Sun is strong and powerful in Aries, the sign of leadership.”

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

We have gone through most of the personal planets travelling through Pisces which has been a highly emotional time.  However in April we see Mars travelling through Pisces. It will join Saturn on April 10th just after the Solar eclipse. It’s like driving a car with the brakes on! Be kind to yourself and allow time for rest and meditation.

Also really important is Chiron in Aries close to the North Node. It will be exact at the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Healing issues of lack of self-worth and being good enough may be surfacing in the next month. The Imposter Syndrome is up for healing.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra highlights endings and release.

The eclipse is near the South Node, which is all about letting go and moving on. You might be ready to forgive the past or move on from a situation that has drained you.

Venus, the ruler of the eclipse, is in Pisces, where she is exalted. To make things better now, you might need to change a habit or pattern, or be willing to step away from a stagnant situation.

Libra: The Eclipsing Place

The Moon will be in Libra, the eclipsing place, for about 48 hours. You might find events, feelings and experiences are unsettled or out of the ordinary during this whole period. This includes all day Monday and Tuesday.

The Role of the South Node on the Eclipse

With the South Node in the mix – and Venus, the eclipse ruler in Pisces – this is an eclipse that can shift your perspective and call you towards a stronger spiritual focus. This might mean you notice your priorities are changing, and that you’re no longer willing to engage in the same old dramas, especially in relationships.

All Relationships go through stages – if we know this we can improve and commit to them

In my work as a coach I help people understand the nature of relationships. I can compare 2 charts even if I don’t know the birth time to see what energies at at work. This can lead to understanding and compassion.

Relationships go through stages. These stages can be applied to any relationship we find ourselves in. People typically go through these stages at work and in business as well as in their romantic relationships. This is only an introduction so these stages are by no means exhaustive. They are designed to give you an idea of where you might be and give you some hope that there is a way through each one! 

  • The Honeymoon Stage. Bliss!
  • Power Struggle. This is all about control.
  • The Shadow Stage
  • The Independence/Dependence Stage
  • The Positive/Negative Stage
  • The Dead Zone. This is the most important stage where couples often part. Family issues come up.
  • Partnership. True success when we step into Leadership, Vision and Mastery. These are areas of the mind to do with the unconscious. The biggest soul level gifts can be accessed.

The ways through will be sent to you, just email me at


  • The Sun moved into Aries on March 20th. This was the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere.
  • Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on April 8th conjunct Chiron. A positive aspect from Jupiter helps with healing as its at the exact same degree.
  • The Full Moon arrives March 25th with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries. This is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Not a good day to start any project. Best for meditation.
  • Mercury in Aries. It goes retrograde on April 1st until April 25th.
  • Venus in Pisces where it is exalted until April 5th when it moves into Aries.
  • Mars moves into Pisces on March 22nd where it is weak. However it is ruled by Jupiter which is close to Uranus so new ideas can come out of the blue.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus is now direct.
  • Saturn is now direct in Pisces.
  • Uranus is direct in Taurus.
  • Neptune is direct in Pisces.
  • Pluto is in Aquarius.

Please watch my YouTube video above as I explain more fully about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

EARTH SIGNS Jupiter moved into Taurus on May 16th 2023 for an entire year

Jupiter the greater benefic is now moving forward at 16 degrees. Look where that is in your birth chart. It stationed at 15 degrees Taurus. It moved into Taurus for an entire year on May 16th until May 25th 2024. This is wonderful news for Taurus and Scorpio.
Jupiter is the planet of faith, faith in life, that life is worth living. It takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, so look back 12 years to understand its influence in your chart. It is the biggest planet in our solar system and Jupiter is Zeus, King of the Gods. It brings good luck, expansiveness and the feel good factor. It truly is the planet of abundance, especially now its in the earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and it promotes all activities connected to the earth such as gardening, music, farming, art, material wealth and all good things on the physical plane. It promotes cleaning and using Marie Kondo’s methods of letting go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn benefit from Jupiter’s gaze. Taurus is also compatible with the emotional water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

EARTH SIGNS Uranus is now direct in Taurus activating 19 degrees Taurus. Change is what Uranus needs. Work with it. Make some practical changes in your life. Clear out those cupboards!

WATER SIGNS Neptune The Dreamer is now direct. In Pisces it favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate. We now have an opportunity to bring our dreams into manifestation. Trust your intuition.

One key word for Neptune is compassion. However it can also indicate illusion, deceit, scandal, loss, drowning, a feeling of being overwhelmed and lost. If you’ve been feeling exhausted, depressed, over-burdened and with little energy then I recommend taking time out and being kind to yourself. Bach Flower remedies such as Elm, Sweet Chestnut and Oak may be helpful. Also for shock Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy.

EARTH SIGNS Pluto is now direct. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. It has now re-entered Aquarius.

However Pluto becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38. It has moved into Aquarius from January 21st until September 2024 when it will retrograde back in Capricorn. However it only transits up to 2 degrees Aquarius so not a major transit.


2024 is the most Amazing Year!

Pluto moves into Aquarius, Jupiter aligns with Uranus in Taurus in April, then Jupiter moves into Gemini in late May. That’s a big shift of energy from Earth signs- Capricorn and Taurus – into the air signs of Aquarius and Gemini. Plus the Eclipses are now happening in Aries and Libra-the relationship axis. Find out more with this Special Offer based on your personal birth chart.

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