Full Moon in Gemini- Venus Queen of Heaven

This Full Moon in Gemini has positive aspects from Jupiter

Watch the video to find out more. Plus it focuses on Venus in Capricorn going retrograde.

Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow of Oneself

Venus is now the brightest planet in the night sky. Its the Queen of Heaven in the Sumerian myth of Inanna. Venus will now leave the night sky and become invisible.

On January 15th 2022 it will rise as a Morning Star and start a new shamanic cycle in Capricorn. This is the energy of the Elder, The Grandmothers who are The Wisdom Keepers and connects us to our ancestral roots.

Reflect back 8 years ago in 2014 when we experienced the last Venus Shamanic cycle in Capricorn. If you are an earth sign, Capricorn Taurus or Virgo then this transit is beneficial. Water signs also benefit as water and earth are compatible elements.

Planets into Capricorn and the Season Change

The change of season when the Winter Solstice arrives on December 21st will calm things down. Beforehand Mercury enters Capricorn on December 13th along with Mars moving into Sagittarius on the same day. Capricorn is an earth sign, so compatible with water signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) and other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo).

However Pluto is still moving slowly through Capricorn. With Venus joining Pluto issues around love, power and money have surfaced. In the Uk politicians having 2 jobs has become headline news and ‘Slease’ has become the byword.

Key Dates

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on November 22nd. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter and is optimistic, future orientated, bold and generous. The shadow is it can tend to false exaggerations, gluttony and never satisfied. However Sagittarians are the life and soul of the party so I really feel for you if this is your sign with all the restrictions you may be suffering. Comedy is the antidote, so take time out to watch fun filled joyous movies during your birthday month.

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2011

Sun into Capricorn: The Solstice on December 21st

The Sun stands still and begins its journey back into the Northern Hemisphere making its way to the Spring Equinox. This is ritual time of year to celebrate the Solar Energy. Daylight increases by one minute a day! In the Southern hemisphere it makes the beginning of Winter.

The Winter Solstice on December 21st is when the Sun moves into Capricorn. This is a sign of initiation, a Turning Point. It’s because it’s a cardinal sign like the other 3 signs that signify the seasons and the turning points in the year- Aries Spring, Cancer Summer and Libra Autumn.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. It’s represented by Old Father Time, dark, sombre and bleak. Capricorn relates to The Hermit and The World in the tarot.

Saturn demands simplicity, realism and truth wherever it touches our charts.

Saturn in its own sign of Aquarius is ‘strong’. It offers us a down-to-earth view of the world and being grounded. Aquarius connects to our networks, our community and groups of like-minded friends.

  • Keywords: old fashioned principles- duty, honour, integrity, reliability, healthy self-discipline.
  • Saturn asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these.
  • The negative can result in being over cautious, procrastination and enslaving oneself and others.
  • A rigid strictness
  • Being overly ambitious combined with a fear of failing
  • Authoritarian. Being repressed by others.

Mercury in Capricorn  Mercury is now already in the sober and serious sign of Capricorn. However at this full moon it makes a challenging square to Chiron in Aries. Health issues (Chiron) re Covid are the main news in Europe and the UK.

Venus- The Lover and Planet of Money

On November 5th Venus moved into the serious sign Capricorn. Venus will now be in Capricorn until March 5th as it goes retrograde on December 19th. It joins Pluto on December 11th, 25th and then again next year on March 3rd.

Mars- The Warrior

Mars is in Sagittarius from December 13th which lessens its violent effect. However its been tangled with the South Node over the last week, bring up past life stories to be healed.

Jupiter: The Explorer/Teacher

Jupiter moved direct on October 18th. Jupiter takes approx. 12 years to travel through the 12 signs. Jupiter rules the Law and it concerned with Truth. Where Jupiter is placed in your chart is where you find your Faith. Jupiter is now direct in Aquarius- The sign of the humanitarian- to give a final boost- the feel good factor- to all air signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

It re-enters Pisces on December 29th. Water signs then benefit-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces next year until May 10th.  Then again October 29th until December 20th 2022.

Saturn: The Strategist/Authority

Saturn went direct on October 11th. It takes approx. 2 and a half years to go through a sign. It is now in Aquarius, a sign it co-rules with Uranus. The theme of the year is Saturn in a tense relationship (a square) with Uranus. This is the old versus the new. Rebellion and protest marches are seen in the news on a daily basis. Which side are you on? Do you obey the rules? Or do you revolt? This last square is on December 24th.

Neptune: The Dreamer/Visionary

Mars is applying to Neptune making a square aspect. I highly recommend a book by Caroline Myss ‘Intimate Conversations with the Divine-Prayer, Guidance and Grace’. I am opening it at random every day and the synchronicities are amazing! Reading each prayer has become my daily spiritual practice.

Uranus- The Renegade/Awakener

Uranus takes approx 7 years to go through a sign and always brings change/revolution. It is the planet that rules inventions and genius. Its now in Taurus (May 2018-April 2026 approx.) and we are witnessing the alarming news about climate change. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and as it’s an earth sign, we are now concerned with agriculture, our food chain and an awakening to our planet’s resources. In our daily lives Uranus wants to shake thing up. Cut out old wood.

Pluto-The Transformer/Regenerator

Pluto is the slowest moving planet and currently travelling through Capricorn from 2008 until 2024. It is the God of the Underworld and the unconscious. It is assigned to Scorpio who also have Mars as their ruler. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn calls for deconstruction of the establishment and institutions. It went direct on October 7th.

Each sign of the zodiac is connected to one of these archetypes.

Aries: The Warrior, Taurus: The Lover, Gemini: The Storyteller, Cancer: The Mother,
Leo: The Sovereign, Virgo: The Healer, Libra: The Diplomat, Scorpio: The Transformer,
Sagittarius: The Explorer, Capricorn: The Strategist, Aquarius: The Renegade and Pisces: The Dreamer.