Creating Abundance Healing Workshop

On this magical day you’ll be participating in group rituals connected to the 4 elements and the Goddess energy of this stunningly beautiful venue.

Connecting with Goddess Energy in a Magical Setting

The focus of this Creating Abundance Healing Workshop is to help you clear up the unfinished business of the past, so you can fully embrace your soul’s purpose to be happy.

The Summer Solstice on June 21st is a time for celebration. A time to feel the joy. A time to receive the miracles that Heaven wants to bring you. The energy lasts for 3 days as the Sun stands still as seen from earth.

Recharge your batteries, open and heal your heart and connect with your Muse on an inspirational day in the most idyllic venue.

VENUE: Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, Saturday June 24th 2023 10.15am -6.15pm

The workshop room

The workshop takes place in the Ballroom with views into the gardens

The Workshop

Pam works intuitively and will facilitate group processes and meditations to help you to reconnect with your vision and divine inspiration. We’ll clear the blocks that stand in the way to creating abundance in our lives by invoking the power of Grace and miracles.

We’ll work with  the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to connect us to nature and the beauty of the land. The rituals are kinesthetic, so as you participate and move, you change your timeline.  They will include:-

  • AIR: Inner Guide Meditation. Choose a process card to see what’s holding you back from happiness, and the positive card that is your gift. Group healing.
  • WATER: Explore the significance of your age when you lost confidence and faith in yourself.
  • AIR and EARTH: Aura-Soma Colour: Healing Your Timeline
  • EARTH: Walking the Labyrinth- Set your intention and open up to receiving guidance.
  • FIRE and WATER: Letting Go of grievances and the past. Fire Ritual and Connecting with the Goddess energy of the oval pool.

Healing the Sacrifice Story

Working with a client this week she drew the negative card The Sacrifice Story, then the positive card The Harvest Story.

This is the theme of my workshop as we need to clear the Sacrifice Story in order to step forward into abundance.

“Sacrifice is based on a belief that we are unworthy, stemming directly from guilt. It is an act in which we go into a form of slavery, because we have stopped loving ourselves.

So we give, but do not receive, and soon run out of energy.

This leads to exhaustion and burnout.

Who is it you are in sacrifice to? What burden are you carrying that does not belong to you and which you are using as a form of avoidance, especially of intimacy?

Sacrifice is a way of avoiding the contact which leads to success.

In sacrifice you can work very hard and do lots of things, but, because you don’t give yourself, you don’t succeed.” Chuck Spezzano

The labyrinth faces the Chanctonbury Ring and acts as a focal point for the house and the garden.

Pam’s workshops are timed to work with the key portals of the year

On key days in the year we have a surge of energy from the planets to heal at a deep level with the power of Grace and step through a gateway in the mind to a higher consciousness.

This workshop is timed to coincide with such a time as Jupiter now in Taurus ruled by Venus aligns with the Sun in Cancer. Plus Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries supports both Venus and Mars in Leo integrating the feminine and masculine. There will be planets in all 4 elements.

healing your heart workshop august 2017
If it’s warm you may like to take a dip in this Goddess inspired oval shaped pool designed by Clare Davison.

The focus will be on the heart centered creative energy of the Summer Solstice, a turning point in the year on June 21st when the Sun moves into the emotional water sign of Cancer. The summer solstice is the day with the longest period of daylight and shortest night of the year, when the Sun is at its highest position in the sky.

With that intention in mind, I invite you to join me on this One Day workshop.

Course Fee: £99Just 16 places. Update June 19th Just 3 places left!

Included in the fee is The Goddess Report (worth £20)

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The Venue and Info

Sedgwick Park House is a truly stunningly beautiful venue. It’s a privately owned home, set within 100 acres of rolling countryside.

The gardens include breathtaking views of the South Downs and Chanctonbury Ring.

The House was purchased by John and Clare Davison in 2001 and the Estate at the moment comprises of the house with meadows to the front with a beautiful herd of deer and formal gardens to the rear. On one visit it was an honour to witness these gentle animals.  They have a spiritual significance:-

The deer is a sacred animal with the spirit of gentleness and softness, a messenger, a shaman; maize and femininity personified.  Like a crown, the antlers grow beyond its body, bringing it closer to the sky and making it sacred. In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority.

Clare works as a complementary therapist and hosts many delightful events for charity and other healers. The gardens are open once a year with the National Gardens Scheme.

She says:-

“Chanctonbury Ring is a very spiritual place. You can see that the Ring is aligned centrally to the house and garden. I have created a labyrinth at the bottom of the garden. We found a huge slab of Horsham stone and rolled it down from the top of the garden on wooden posts, placing it up right in the centre of the labyrinth. This acts as a focal point and gives the gardens an energy that I like to channel in a positive way.”

To get there: Horsham station is an hour from Victoria or London Bridge and Sedgwick Park House is 15 minutes in a taxi. Plan to arrive at Horsham station at 9.27am to share a taxi with others.

The 8.35am from London Victoria arrives at 9.27am.

The 8.28am from Hove arrives at 9.27am.

If you are driving then you need directions as there are 2 entrances to the venue. You need to enter the grounds via Broadwater Lane.

Use or Google maps, then let Pam know and she will send you instructions. You enter the grounds via Broadwater Lane. There is plenty of free parking. The postcode is Horsham RH13 6QQ.

Starts at 10.15am until 6.15pm approx.
Teas, real coffee and biscuits will be provided. Please bring your own lunch, bottled water, a pen and your journal.

Course Fee: £99 Just 16 places. Update June 19th Just 3 places left!

Included in the fee is The Goddess Report (worth £20)

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TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Pam for several years now and have attended many of her workshops.

Pam’s clever use of combining Aura-Soma, astrological insight and the powerful model of Psychology of Vision makes for healing so profound that it’s hard to put into words.  The gift of being in a space with like minded souls who all come together at the same time to create change is so powerful and unique.  Every process that takes place touches your heart and soul.  My own process took me on a journey of reconnecting to God and magical things have been happening since.

Pam is an excellent facilitator, gracious with her knowledge and insight and always works intuitively and sensitively to support each and every person in her space.

If you’ve been drawn to Pam’s workshops but have been resisting for whatever reason, then I urge you to listen to your soul’s calling and reclaim your Innocence and True Self. Because you’re worth it.  Sharon”

More testimonials.

Please email Pam via the Contact form if you want to discuss if this Workshop is right for you.

Your Trainer: Pam Carruthers is an experienced trainer, spiritual coach and healer. Her workshops are a unique synergy of the healing spiritual tools that Pam has worked with for the last 24 years. She blends astrology and her knowledge of colour, chakras and archetypes with the healing spiritual principles from Psychology of Vision and A Course in Miracles. Pam is a qualified professional astrologer, trained in Aura-Soma Colour and an NLP Practitioner.