January Full Moon in Cancer

cancer the crab
Cancer the crab

Feeling Emotional?

At this Full Moon in Cancer, there is a challenging aspect between Mars and Venus. Cancer rules the Moon, so you may be feeling highly emotional and over-sensitive.In my video I briefly describe the planetary picture that is a prelude to the Grand Cross in April. With Mars in Libra forming a difficult aspect to Venus in Capricorn relationships with the opposite sex may be strained to say the least! After the success of my webinar on Venus joining the Sun which was widely appreciated. Eric Francis, an American astrologer says:-

“We are about to experience Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde and then Mars retrograde in rapid succession. These retrogrades can stir up a lot of material and pretty much compel us to reorient ourselves mentally and emotionally. However, Mars retrograde, which spans from March through May, will be one of those truly unusual threshold events — a kind of one-way door to another reality. Mars in Libra, for its part, will be making a series of aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, representing effects in our personal lives and in the world that you will be grateful to have competent information about.”

power struggle
Power Struggles in relationships Card from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

Mars in Libra for 8 Months- Healing Our Power Struggles

Mars entered Libra on 7th December 2013 where it remains for 8 months because it goes retrograde on March 1st. Mars is the God of War, however in the sign of Libra it’s weak. That creates a big problem, as weakness can result in bullying. You may have been feeling the effects in the last week as it joined in the formation known as the Grand Cardinal Cross. If you’ve been caught in anger, irritability or a power struggle with someone or an organisation, OR you’ve been attacked verbally in the last week, then you understand what I am describing. This Grand Cardinal Cross reaches a peak on April 22nd for about 3 days. To ride the wave, rather than be overwhelmed by this intense Cosmic energy, I have prepared this webinar to help you become aware, and to heal, what Mars in Libra signifies. On this fully illustrated presentation you will:-

  • Discover what Mars retrograde in Libra means for you
  • Learn from history when this last occurred
  • Some famous people with Mars in Libra-Peacemaker or Passive Aggressive?
  • Dynamics of Power Struggle in the Psychology of Vision model
  • Guided Meditation to heal the Power Struggle

This webinar is now over.

Pam and Chuck Spezzano in 1994
Pam and Chuck Spezzano in 1994

Psychology of Vision Steps to Leadership Course

Psychology of Vision is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles and is a marriage of therapy and spirituality. It teaches the principles of Leadership, Vision and Mastery and how we fulfill our Soul’s Purpose when we give our soul gifts to the world. I teach a Psychology of Vision Course called ‘Steps to Leadership,’ which guides participants through 19 healing principles. The next group is forming and we’d love for you to join us.

planetsSpecial Offer What does 2014 Bring For You?

Astrology is all about connection. Observations made over eons of time have shown the synchronicity of planetary movements with events on earth. It’s the ancient axiom, “As above, so below. as without, so within.” Want to know what the planets are doing, so you can best plan your future? Astrology can give accurate guidance to help you navigate the challenges ahead. “The future isn’t crystallized. It’s a wavering, quivering web of possibilities. How will they manifest? Much depends upon how you wield the magical wild card we call your freedom. The planets offer advice. In a sense, they recommend certain choices over others. They seem biased toward your evolution. They often suggest that you take the less familiar path, the one that moves you into richer fields of your own potentiality.” Stephanie Johnson author of the Solar Transit Report.  have a great month, blessings Pam x

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