FREE Fully Illustrated MasterClass: Discover the Language of The Stars

Astrology is a language. Are you keen to learn the basics?

Like all languages you will benefit when you know the basics in order to learn how it works. On this beautifully illustrated MasterClass Pam introduces you to the building blocks of astrology.

This presentation is part of the next Planets Within Astrology Course starting in October 2019. Its worth £25 but for you its free!

These are:-

  • The 4 Elements:- fire, earth, air and water. What if you have a weak or missing element?
  • The 12 Houses and their meanings in brief. They develop from the 1st house. Its rare to have a planet in every house.
  • The 12 Signs of the Zodiac-the most important are the Sun and the Moon, and the rising sign and its ruler.
  • The 3 Qualities:- cardinal, fixed and mutable. These can change the dynamics of a chart.

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