Mercury and Mars move direct

The Magician is Mercury, the master of the four elements.

Time to kick start your year

As Mercury went forward a week ago I had a wonderful conversation with a friend which spurred me into creating a new website. I will reveal more soon.

I’ve been ill these last few weeks, ever since Mercury moved retrograde. Whenever this happens I always look at what the planets are showing me.

I don’t believe the planets are doing anything to me as that is fatalistic and is disempowering, rather that there’s a synchronicity.

The maxim astrologers live by is called the Hermetic principle. This comes from Hermes Trismegistus, otherwise known as Thoth (the scribe) and the Magician (Mercury) in the Tarot. The caduceus is a symbol of Hermes, and of course a symbol of healing.

The maxim is:-

“As above, so below. As without, so within”.

Communication is the key to having a great relationship

Both Mars and Venus are travelling through Mercury ruled signs, so there is a huge emphasis on relationships. Now Mercury is moving forward communication becomes easier, and misunderstandings can be cleared up.

Mercury moves into Aries on April 17th, so be aware of rashness, especially with email. On April 22nd it joins Uranus for the third time, so take note of ideas that come out of the blue on that day.

Have you noticed how you get your ideas? The name of my business and website came while while I was chatting to a friend.

Brainstorming with friends is a fantastic way to get clarity on your business, or current work problem.

Virgo illustrated by Ciro Marchetti

Mars Retrograde ends

This current Mars retrograde period has ended (hurrah!) on April 14th. It has been the culprit of much trouble for people since January 24th.

It certainly has been a lesson in patience!

It takes a while for any planet to get going after its been retrograde, so don’t expect things to suddenly move forward.

Mars rules the blood and indicates fever, inflammation, rashes and accidents. However in the sign of Virgo is connected with healing, and discrimination.

Mars will leave Virgo on July 4th, so prune, clear out old stuff, detox and let go of old unfinished projects that just drain your energy.

Focus on what is really essential in your life.

Gemini illustrated by Ciro Marchetti

Venus in Gemini

Venus is in the sign of Gemini for the next 4 months until August 7th. It turns retrograde on May 16th.  This is the perfect time to expand your social network, to form alliances and new friendships.

Gemini is of course ruled by Mercury, so the gifts of humour, light heartedness, and youthfulness will be promoted over the next months.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and apathetic, then invoking the archetype of The Youth, or La Jeune Fille, will help. It can get your through your Dead Zone into Spring Time!

Gemini is one of two signs that cross the Milky Way and was said to be the birthplace of the soul.

Now is the time to give birth to your project, or a new relationship!

Goal Setting and Desire

Napoleon Hill, author ‘Think and Grow Rich’

I am reading Think and Grow Rich: The Original Classic by Napoleon Hill and can’t believe I’ve never read it before now. Its been around a very long time -since 1937- but reads as if it were written yesterday.

What is interesting is that it was published during the Great Depression in the USA, so resonates with the present economic climate.

Plus, this book is the basis for the book and film called ‘The Secret’. If you’ve tried the methods in the film and they didn’t work, then you may have been missing something vital.

The secrets of being rich that the book describes are the 4 qualities of desire, faith, planning and persistence.

Astrologically these resonate with the 4 planets:- Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.

It has sold over 60 million copies and after reading a couple of chapters I can see how this claim is true:-

More men and women have been motivated to achieve success because of reading Think and Grow Rich than by any other book written by a living author.

Now the planet of desire- Venus – is moving through Gemini, its an ideal time to voice and write down your desires, your goals and give specific details.

Napoleon Hill wrote:- “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

The Universe can’t deliver unless it knows what we want!

Karma: Anger and the Vedic View

Dalai lama
The Dalai Lama, a shining example of facing hostilty with equanamity

James Kelleher is an American Vedic astrologer and author and I enjoy his teachings. This month he has written about karma. He has a delightful down to earth way of writing.

Your whole birth chart shows your karma, because in Eastern philosophy to reincarnate shows that we still have lessons to learn. The common view that karma is cause and effect is, he says, rather simplistic.

Plus doing good deeds doesn’t change our karma!

Rather if we face negative emotions with equanimity then we are resolving our karma.

As an example, say we have brought in issues with anger, due to being violent in another life. This creates an impression on the soul. Then, in this life, that anger is triggered by a Mars transit. If we stay cool and centred, rather than act it out by hitting someone -whether verbally or physically- then we have succeeded in shedding some karma.

He also writes about how people approach having an astrology consultation. If you are reading this newsletter then I believe that your view is the same as his, and mine.

“There are people who approach astrologers with only a desire to know themselves better. They are not afraid of negatives in life because they have already accepted the undeniable fact that life is both positive and negative. Although this approach to astrology is less common, it is definitely the highest road.

Used this way, Astrology becomes the greatest reflective tool. In combination with the practice of meditation, its power to promote spiritual growth is tremendous.

Through meditation, the person brings the mind to a state of absolute equanimity, which causes a powerful shedding of karmic impressions.

Through understanding the horoscope, the person gains clearer insight into the numerous ways in which their own karmic impressions are scheduled to manifest. This produces both a greater ability to handle life’s ups and downs with an even mind, thereby facilitating the shedding of karma, and also produces a sense that life is happening according to an overall cosmic plan.”

I agree with James. This is what the spiritual path is. It’s a process -helped with meditation and some form of spiritual practice.

To succeed in staying centred when the natural human response is anger, is enlightenment. A shining example of this has to be the Dalai Lama.

‘The Voice’ and Trusting Your Gut

A TV show I have only just started to watch is called The Voice. On Saturday night the last singer came on, and with him, Will-i-am’s last chance to complete his team of 10 singers.

Preceding him were 2 excellent singers and Will-i-am had been cajoled by his fellow judges to choose one. But he stayed firm.

Jaz Ellington blew everyone away. He had a standing ovation.

Will-i-am is near to tears

What was remarkable was how Will-i-am trusted his gut instinct to hang on to make his choice until the very end. His gut, he said, was the voice of his mother.

He is a Piscean, with his Sun conjunct Jupiter with his Moon in Aries. A fabulous combination of sensitivity, musicality and an inner fire and drive.

Jaz was asked to sing an encore, and he chose Ordinary People. It is a song which was co-written by Will-i-am after the end of a long term relationship.

It brought tears to the eyes of the judges.

Enjoy the Springtime, and remember:-

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”
Napoleon Hill

blessings,  Pam x

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The images of the sun signs of Gemini and Virgo are by Ciro Marchetti.