New Moon in Libra 2020

New Moon in Libra- What throws you off balance?

The New Moon occurs at 20.30 BST on Friday 16th October.

This New Moon in Libra is opposed by Mars in Aries, now retrograde so closest to the earth. You may see it in the night sky. Mars is The Warrior and while retrograde can be a push-pull energy, especially as it forms a difficult stressful aspect to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Jupiter.

There are extreme tensions at this New Moon in Libra. The most obvious is that Mars opposes this lunation. The second is Venus, ruler of Libra is in Virgo, a sign that doesn’t suit the planet of love, and is opposed by Neptune in Pisces. The third is that the Capricorn planets all make tense aspect the New Moon in Libra.

Watch my YouTube video to find out how I explain this planetary picture.

Fortunately the Sun will move into Scorpio on 22nd October at 23.59 BST. That means that the Sun in Scorpio -a water sign- will be in a positive relationship to the earth sign of the Capricorn planets.

The other positive news is that Mercury – now retrograde in Scorpio – will oppose Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday 20th October for the 2nd time. Uranus can be called the higher vibration of Mercury so watch out for inspirations and messages that ‘come out of the blue’.

What throws you off balance?

I ask, what throws you off balance? As Mars is super strong and it’s the planet of war, there may be issues in your life concerning a situation or person who is being more demanding, more impatient or more aggressive than usual. Or maybe it’s you that’s being triggered and over-reacting?

One principle I know to be true is that we are never upset for the reason we think we are. Any problem in the present can be traced back to the past.

The questions to ask if this Mars energy resonates for you, is to intuit what does the situation or the person remind you of? Its usually something that happened in your life before the age of 10. Now is a good time to forgive the situation and the person or people involved. If you need help with this, I strongly recommend a consultation with me to resolve it.

As a further incentive, be aware how this upsetting situation can be a major distraction for you from moving forward! Watch the Mercury Retrograde Video on this page for the healing exercise at the end.

Archetypes and which planets are at war in your birth chart?

When I first learnt astrology my teacher described how the birth chart is a play, with the planets being the actors on the stage at the time of your birth. What do we see first? We may see two lovers, the King may have courtiers, but it’s those actors who are in a fight that draw our attention!

The archetypal astrologer Lawrence Hillman stresses that the one important factor to consider in your birth chart is to recognise what two planets are at war with each other. These are the planets that make to closest contact by square or opposition. These energies will define your life!

Astrology is totally connected to archetypes and during the Summer I have been studying and reading his book ‘Archetypes at Work’ co-written with Richard Olivier (son of Sir Lawrence Olivier). It’s an absorbing read.

Book a consultation with me and I’ll explore with you how you can integrate these 2 archetypes.

Mercury in Scorpio Recording MasterClass

Time to attend to the needs of your deepest Soul.

Mercury retrograde is a time to Reflect and Meditate, to listen to the Messages the Universe wants to give you.

What does Mercury the Messenger planet want us to pay attention to as it weaves back and then forward through Mars and Pluto’s sign of Scorpio?

Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac offers emotional depth and power, initiation and healing. It’s the sign of transformation and resurrection.

It’s the sign of letting go.

Are you caught in a power struggle- a fight? Giving, but not receiving what you are truly worth?

Mercury retrograde gets a bad press, but it wants to offer us a shift in perspective.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, and is well known as a bad time with problems with communications.

Beforehand we are advised to back up our computers and delay buying a new phone/computer, or signing contracts until Mercury moves direct again.

On this MasterClass Recording discover:-

  • Dates when Mercury entered the shadow phase, goes retrograde, joins the Sun, goes direct and moves out of the ‘Shadow’ phase.
  • What planet and it’s archetype does this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio activate for you? (Most of us have a planet in Scorpio!)
  • What are the questions to ask of Mercury? Is looking back preventing you from moving forward?
  • Mercury Archetypes: The Storyteller and The Magician. In Scorpio the Transformer and Shaman
  • Healing Guided Meditation to Heal Power Struggle.

This is the link to Watch this recording>

Key Dates

Sun in Libra from 22nd September to 22nd October when it moves into Scorpio.

New Moon at 23 degrees Libra on 16th October at 20.30 BST.

Full Moon at 8 degrees Taurus on 31st October. This is the second Full Moon in a month.

Mercury is now in Scorpio. It goes retrograde in Scorpio at 11 degrees on 14th October until 4th November. This is an important time for Scorpios.

Venus is in Virgo, the Archetype of The Virgin. It’s a Morning Star and moves into Libra, the archetype of The Lover on 28th October.

Mars went retrograde on September 10th in the fire sign of Aries the sign it rules so is strong. The warrior planet will be spending over 5 months in Aries. Watch out for fires, anger issues accelerating and riots.

Jupiter is now direct in Capricorn on 13th September. Think how the mountain goat is so agile as it climbs and you get the idea. It went retrograde on 15th May. This period is a time to launch any projects involving teaching.

Saturn is turning direct in Capricorn on 29th September. (It went retrograde on 11th May). It stays in Capricorn until 17th December 2020.

Uranus in Taurus is now retrograde activating 6-10 degrees Taurus. Make some practical changes in your life and throw out anything that doesn’t bring you joy!

Neptune in Pisces is The Dreamer and is now retrograde. In Pisces it favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate.  Neptune went retrograde on June 23rd.

Pluto in Capricorn is now direct from 5th October. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. However it becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38.



Spiritual Path Report

This report tells you about past life lessons that are brought forward into this life.

Our spiritual character and needs are defined at birth. Yet from that same moment, forces around us begin to exert sometimes overwhelming influences on the direction of our spiritual development. Though well intended, these forces may move us along a path contrary to our own best interests.

This conflict between your inner spiritual being and outside forces may cause a dissonance that vibrates negatively through every aspect of your life. Learning to identify and acknowledge the characteristics that define your innermost self is the first step in achieving the inner peace you seek.

This report does not attempt to define your spiritual goals or offer philosophical opinions about what they should be. Rather, it provides an unbiased perspective on the characteristics that define who you are on a spiritual level.

More importantly, it gives you a clear understanding of how to best nurture and develop those characteristics that enhance your progress toward spiritual maturity.

“The voice within us will not be denied. It continues to drive us, inspiring us to change and grow.”

It aims to answer the questions:

  • What am I here for?
  • What is the best way for me to connect with my spirituality?
  • How are my struggles related to past life actions?

There are many ways to bring spirituality into one’s life. This report seeks to give you insight into what works best for you from a spiritual point of view. What challenges must you overcome to live a full life and what qualities you can depend on to get through the tough places.

In line with Pam’s philosophy, this report speaks about one’s whole life from the spiritual point of view.

It covers all the planets and focuses on the 4th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses as they apply to spiritual development.

Author, Stephanie Clement has a PhD in transpersonal psychology. She makes frequent use of the Jungian model – intuition, sensation,thinking and feeling – as they correspond to the astrological elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Your Spiritual Path speaks to the challenge between living a spiritual life and the pull of the world that can take us off our true path.
It contains lots of wisdom about living a spiritual life as well as keys to one’s particular formula for living fully as symbolized in the natal chart.

Your Spiritual Path Report includes:

  • Your Creative Process  – Core Beliefs
  • Communication and Mental Development
  • Self-Esteem & Development of Spiritual Partnerships
  • Doubt, Resistance, and Development of Psychic Ability
  • Death & Transformation as Spiritual Processes
  • Development of Intuition
  • The Midheaven: Self-Awareness and the Use of Intuition
  • Karma & Dharma
  • Transcendent Values ~ Your Spiritual Persona
  • Expressing Spirituality in the World

“This report is very popular because it speaks directly to one’s innermost layers. People who have a spiritual outlook on life often find that this report reaches directly into the core of their being. That’s very good for a computer generated report.” Mark McDonough President Astrodatabank

“Thanks very much for the report. I was amazed at how many things were so pertinent to me. It is very accurate in so many respects.” Chris

Aspects of the Moon

Your higher values radiate from you in the form of spiritual vision. Your actions become more and more consistent with your inner values. You demand discipline from yourself, and you expect it in others. You may have had harsh teachers.

Your spiritual path focuses on compassion for others, and you have to develop compassion for yourself as well. When others provoke fear in you, look also for the love they struggle to express.

Your inner spirit functions easily on the intuitive plane, as you are able to identify and listen to the voice that guides your interactions with others to both their highest good and your own. You can feel change coming long before it arrives.”


PRICE: £15. The report is approx. 25 pages long.

After payment you’ll be redirected to a Contact page where you enter your birth details – Date, place and time of birth.

Your information is entered by hand so will be delivered as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

However, please allow more time if ordered over the weekend. The Report will be emailed to you as a PDF file.