Scorpio Solar Eclipse

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This week sees the second major event of the month-the partial solar Eclipse on Thursday Oct 23rd at 0 degrees 24 minutes Scorpio.

Not as intense as the Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 8th October, eclipses are of major importance.

“As the Moon reaches its North Node and enters the area of north latitude, it’s as if it were opening itself to cosmic or spiritual influences symbolically represented by the North Pole and, more specifically, the pole star-Polaris.”

Dane Rudyar

The Eclipses are extra potent New or Full Moons!

A Solar Eclipse usually occurs twice a year at a New Moon, so it shows the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

Solar eclipse energy lasts for 6 months and those degrees are ultra sensitive. They are important for world events, which is known as Mundane astrology.

Eclipses signal what we need to change, they are a rebirth.

They affect us personally if we have a planet at within 2 degrees of the eclipse.

If your birthday is within two days of an eclipse it will be an important year ahead with major life changes.

This eclipse puts all the focus on Venus and on our intimate relationships. Venus is conjunct the New Moon exactly. This can result in feelings of not being appreciated. As Scorpio is a fixed water sign there may be a strong desire to withdraw and keep quiet at this Eclipse.

For this reason- plus I am a Scorpio- I have scheduled a MasterClass on the evening of the eclipse.

Events of the week

Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart
Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart

Monday Oct 20th Moon in Virgo

Venus sextile Mars 6.18

Mercury sextile Jupiter 21.37

Tuesday Oct 21st Moon into Libra 12.11

Wednesday no major aspects

Thursday October 23rd

Sun into Scorpio Oct 23rd at 12.57 BST

Venus into Scorpio Oct 23rd at 21.52 BST

Moon into Scorpio 22.09

Partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse 22.43

New Moon 22.56

Friday no major aspects

Saturday Oct 25th

Mercury goes direct at 20.17

Venus joins Sun Oct 25th at 8.31

Sunday Oct 26th

2.0am Clocks go back 1 hour in UK

Moon into Sagittarius 4.39 GMT

Mars enters Capricorn 10.42 GMT

Scorpio Solar Eclipse MasterClass Webinar

The October Solar Eclipse is conjunct Venus in Scorpio- a powerful time for us all to focus on our relationship and loving ourselves.

However with Saturn still in Scorpio and a difficult aspectof the eclipse to Chiron, old wounds so can keep us stuck.

This webinar explains the importance of this ecipse as th effect lasts for 6 months.

On this webinar Pam will teach you:-

  • What the October 23rd Solar Eclipse signifies astrologically for the next 6 months
  • The spiritual significance of a Solar eclipse
  • The Churning of the Oceans Vedic myth that explain the deeper meaning of  eclipses
  • Pluto square the Nodes-Past Lives and Ancestral patterns
  • Healing process of Letting Go



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