September New Moon in Virgo

Trust from Osho Zen tarot

Metamorphosis and the Uranus square Pluto

The most important transit this month is that of Uranus square to Pluto and through the month Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon will all trigger this aspect.

On September 17th we have a Turning Point as Pluto goes direct and Mercury moves into diplomatic Libra, followed by the Sun on September 22nd at the Autumn Equinox.

This New Moon is Virgo, with a close conjunction to Mercury, the planet of communication is its exalted sign of Virgo.

Practical communication, grounding, sorting, letting go, purifying and manifesting are the keys to this new moon cycle. Focus on what information is useful to you and then apply it.

Are You a Child of the Sixties?

September 19th Uranus square to Pluto
The theme that started this year is one of major change on a global, social and economic scale as the 2 big outer planets Uranus (God of Revolution) and Pluto (God of Evolution) make the second of 7 squares to each other in the coming week. The seed time was in the 60ties when they joined in the sign of Virgo. They met 3 times between 1965-1966 and were within 10 degrees of each other the entire decade.

If you were born at that time then the gods are ‘playing your tune’.

The seeding in the 60ties

Civil rights demos, feminism and flower power, the first landing on the Moon, the thalidomide tragedy, China’s Cultural revolution and the assassination of President Kennedy were just a few of the outstanding events that marked the sixties as an extraordinary time in the world.  At the semi square in 1986-87  (an angle of 45 degrees) we saw the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Irangate, Black Monday and the stock market crash.

We are now witnessing the same civil unrest in the world as Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and the uprisings in Syria.

Evolution means that it doesn’t have to be a repeat of the 60ties.

The square means that the world is undergoing maximum stress. Uranus is an Aquarian energy, so we as individuals -when we unite as a team- have a huge potential for the creativity needed to resolve it. We are now connected as never before through the consciousness of the Internet.

The wonder as the child first sees the butterfly emerging


Evolution is a journey into the unknown and chaos. It is however, essentially a creative process. The analogy for Pluto is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It’s a child’s delight to watch this process. I have often remarked how it must feel to have a total meltdown into a cocoon before emerging as a totally different creature!

This is what is being asked of us as individuals and the world.

The clue lies in the cocoon. Pluto is transformation, and we all need to be in a safe space to undergo our ‘meltdown’. That’s where Mercury, the Guide and the only god who can go in and out of the Underworld at will, comes in.

As a Scorpio woman who has made that passage through the Underworld in my life, this is what I offer my clients as a transformational coach. I use many intuitive methods to access the ‘unconscious’ which is also the gateway to our buried treasure.

lendl and andy murray
Ivan Lendl coached Andy Murray to be a winner!

Transform your Life with ‘Steps to Leadership’ Course

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It may be easy to set goals, but one of the hardest things to do is to accomplish them. Our ego will try its hardest to prevent us succeeding in them. Being on this course you get the support of me as your coach, the group and a buddy to help you move forward in your life. Look how the coaching with Ivan Lendl transformed Andy Murray into the winner he now is!

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My YouTube video

Sept New Moon in Virgo: Uranus square Pluto- Revolution and Evolution
I use a colour coded astrology wheel and describe the New Moon, the energy of Virgo and the Autumn Equinox.


This image at the beginning of this newsletter is from Osho Zen tarot and is called Trust. Osho says :-

“Now is the moment to be a bungee jumper without the cord! There is tremendous sense of exhilaration if we can take the jump and move into the unknown.

Trust life.

With trust something immense opens up. Then this life becomes full of God, overflowing. When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared you are bridged with infinity.”

many blessings,

Pam x

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