Leo Sun Sign

Leo Sun Sign by Johfra-Bosschart
Leo Sun Sign by Johfra-Bosschart

The Key Phrase for Leo Sun sign is “I create”. It governs the number 5

Leo July 24 – August 23 (approx)

Leo is the lion, the King or Queen of the zodiac. It governs the heart in the body and as such Leo is born to be at the centre, leading the way. The glyph is like the lion’s mane and Leos often have a strong hairline and like a cat they need to be stroked. Leo is the height of summer, the time of year when children are on holiday and Leo can be childlike and the most playful of all the signs.

Leo is the leading light, the superstar or conductor of the orchestra and focal point in the zodiac.

Planetary Ruler and Qualities

Leo is a fixed fire sign, so the energy of fire is most stable like the eternal flame. Leo is governed by the Sun, which is not a planet but a star. The Sun is at the centre of the zodiac and follows a steady path along the ecliptic. The Sun brings both light and warmth, without it we would die. Leo is here to shine. Apollo was the beautiful youth, the Sun God who rode in his chariot across the sky. He represented qualities of truth, light and prophecy.


Leo is a passionate sign and very romantic. They love the theatrical and adore the stages of courtship. They are warm and bear no grudges. The male is confident and self assured which is very attractive. The female is regal with an innate grace. Both need to be the leader in the relationship, so there is conflict with Capricorn who like to be the boss and Aquarians who value equality. Their best signs are the other fire signs Aries and Sagittarians. Interestingly marriage can work out with Pisces. Geminis are light hearted and fun, qualities which Leo adores. Leo and Librans get on well, but need the money to keep up the extravagant life style they both love.

Myth of Leo Sun Sign
Leo is the constellation of the Lion, with the Royal Star Regulus at its heart. Leo’s brightest star Regulus, was often called the “Red Flame” and was thought to contribute to the heat of summer.

The myth of Leo relates to the first task of Hercules who had to kill the cave dwelling Nemean lion. Because its golden fur was impervious to attack, it could not be killed with mortals’ weapons. Its claws were sharper than mortals’ swords and could destroy any strong armor.  It was strangled by Hercules who used the lion’s own claws to skin the pelt.  Because the lion’s skin could not be penetrated by any weapon, Hercules used it as his protective cloak.

leo-lionStrengths and weaknesses
Leos are all heart and their warmth is endearing and child like. As long as they are stroked they will respond with love. They need to be appreciated and given masses of praise for what they do and are sensitive to being teased. Just like the lion, nothing is sadder than when their pride is hurt and they hide to lick their wounds. But Leo is the King, so can turn into an autocrat. Leos have to be at the centre and their craving for the spotlight can result in pushing others away. Drama is their life blood. They can be lazy and dismiss new ideas.

Wholehearted, powerful leader, warm and sincere, protective and affectionate, vain and self seeking, a show off.

Tarot Card: Strength

Colours: gold

Gemstones: ruby, garnet

Best Day of the Week: Sunday

Anatomy and physiology: heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back

Herbs, plants and trees: anise, camomile, daffodil, fennel, lavender, poppy, marigold, mistletoe, parsley.

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