Venus in Scorpio MasterClass Awakening The Sorceress

​FREE MasterClass Venus in Scorpio: Awakening the Sorceress​

 An Hour Long Illustrated Presentation with a Q & A at the end. Saturday October 20th at 4pm BST, 11am EDT, 8am PDT.

Almost everyone born between 1954-1995 has a planet in Scorpio. That’s 91% of the population.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months in just 5 signs of the zodiac. This year its Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign that connects to Alchemy. Its the transformation of base matter into gold. This is the story of our spiritual and soul awakening.

It’s a deep process and needs us all to have the courage to confront our shadow. The most important being the darkest shadow of the unconscious -the shadow of The Betrayer.

On this beautifully illustrated MasterClass you’ll discover:

  • The significance in your life when Venus retrogrades in Scorpio. The last time was in 2010. ​How was it for you?
  • ​Themes of Venus in Scorpio-diving deep, magical powers, passion and intensity​.
  • Scorpio is the only sign with 3 symbols, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix/dove.
  • ​Can you identify with the Archetype of The Sorceress? Do you have healing powers? Have you been betrayed in love like Medea?
  • Uranus will opposite Venus 3 times- days of Awakening the Power of the feminine.
  • ​​​​Healing Betrayal and discovering and embracing the most profound Soul Level positive Archetype that it hides.

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