August Blue Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces

Dancing in the Light

Virgo Sun and Full Moon in Pisces

Although its the second full moon this month, the Sun is in now in Virgo, this Full Moon in Pisces. That’s a very different story to 28 days ago.

Virgo is the sign that is about discrimination, and sorting the wheat from the chaff.

What’s important in your life?

And what little things need attention?

I’ve been clearing out or fixing things that are broken, that have been irritating me daily. A new rubbish bin and a new ironing board cover are 2 items that are totally related to Virgo and the 6th house in astrology and give me immense pleasure now they are installed.

Yes I have planets in Virgo! Its an earth sign, and very practical.

Pisces and deep emotions

Pisces is a water sign and since two of the major planets (Neptune and Chiron) are travelling through it, whenever there’s a new or full moon its qualities will be accentuated.

This image from Facebook (above) is a wonderful illustration of all that Pisces represents; the misty merging of water and sky and the mystical ethereal qualities of light and stars.

Last week the Sun was opposite Neptune, the God of the Ocean and Pisces own planet. Neptune is illusion, the internet, the movies, angels and spirituality.

However, its also scandal and we all saw/heard about the Prince Harry photos.

Now, at this Full Moon, the Moon is right alongside Chiron, the archetype of the Wounded Healer. And in the Uk the Paralympics has just started.

Both planets represent healing, Neptune is the spiritual, Chiron the wound but also has a gift that once embraced is the healing.

If you are sensitive to energy then you may well be feeling overwhelmed and weepy, because Pisces wants to return to a state of Oneness, to go Home, back to the source of All That Is.

City of Angels- a Chiron in Pisces/Neptunian theme

City of Angels

If you remember the movie ‘City of Angels’ you may recall how it his human love for Maggie, the heart surgeon, that compels the angel Seth (played by Nicolas Cage) to incarnate, only to suffer immense grief and pain when Maggie dies suddenly.

See below to listen to the YouTube video of the most beautiful song In the Arms of an Angel by Sarah Mclachlan.

Some of the dialogue in the movie is exquisitely beautiful and illustrates this Pisces theme:-

Cassiel: If you knew what was going to happen, would you still have done it?
Seth: I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.

and this:-
Seth: Why do people cry?
Maggie: What do you mean?
Seth: I mean… what happens physically?
Maggie: Well… umm… tear ducts operate on a normal basis to lubricate and protect the eye and when you have an emotion they overreact and create tears.
Seth: Why? Why do they overreact?
Maggie: [pause] I don’t know.
Seth: Maybe… maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can’t contain it. Your mind and your feelings become too powerful… and your body weeps.

Sacrifice from the Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

Sacrifice and Fusion: Pisces Themes

Sacrifice is one of the negative aspects of Pisces, and became a theme on my healing workshop last weekend.

This illustration is one of the cards from Chuck Spezzano’s Enlightenment Pack. Chuck describes sacrifice as a compensation to pay off guilt. Its based on a belief that we are unworthy, so we get treated like doormats. We give but don’t receive, because we have gone into a form of slavery and stopped loving ourselves.

When you are in sacrifice with another person you have fused with them. You then feel you have to carry them, or give up your own life to get their love and approval.

The issue of fusion also came up on my workshop so is very current. It’s where we are fused with one parent and tend to have a fight with the other one.

Fusion is counterfeit love and stops us receiving.

According to Psychology of Vision, it’s a fundamental belief that we all feel that we incarnated to save our family. This isn’t of course true.

We will inevitably fail, which is what sets up the guilt. The truth is that its not our job! Its God/Heaven’s job.

The solution is to place your parents in the arms of God/Heaven to take care of. This frees them, and frees you.

So today, give God back her job!

Mars in Scorpio

Now Mars is in Scorpio until October 10th intense issues may be surfacing, but Scorpio is a water sign and ruled by Mars, so transformation is called for. Mars is the surgeon, so an analogy is like lancing a boil, painful, but quick and effective.

Pain is painful. Feeling your feelings and letting the tears come is a necessary part of the healing.

Its Ok to feel sorry for yourself, but asking for help is vital rather than being sucked down into the pit of despair. Let yourself be mothered and cared for by a partner or friends. And ask for God/Heaven’s help.

Our Core Story and Soul Purpose Coaching

We all have a core story- a moment in our lives at a very early age when something happened and we decided to sack our parents because they weren’t good enough and bring ourselves up on our own.

In Psychology of Vision this is called untrue Independence. Uncovering this story does take time because its so well hidden.

All of our other painful stories are built on it.

One way to start this process is by having a card reading with this intention. Chuck Spezzano’s cards in the Enlightenment Pack, or The Healing Cards are tools I use with clients every day.

Choose 3 cards to represent the trap you have inherited, the healing way through and the gift that you came in with to change the pattern.

Alternatively and far more effectively, have a series of coaching sessions with me. See FREE 3 CARD READING and Soul Astrology Life Coaching

Plus the Psychology of Vision Steps to Leadership Course will truly help you as you have the support of a buddy, and meetings online where these hidden issues are slowly uncovered.

Mother Meera
Mother Meera

The Spiritual: Mother Meera

Mother Meera is said to be an avatar, the incarnation of the Divine Mother. Being in the presence of a spiritual being and receiving a blessing is a true gift.

From Wikipedia:-
“Mother Meera receives thousands of visitors of all religions for darshan which she conducts in total silence. Her darshan consists of a ritual, where she will touch a person’s head, and then look into their eyes. During this process, she reportedly ‘unties knots’ in the person’s subtle system and permeates them with light. She doesn’t charge any money for doing so and she will not give lectures.

Mother Meera’s reported task on Earth was in calling down a dynamic light-force from the Supreme (Paramatman – the supreme Self) in collaboration with other saints and divine beings, as she says, making spiritual progress on earth easier. About this light she says:

“Like electricity, the Light is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it. I have come for that.” Answers, Part I.

Through Japa, the mental remembrance of any Divine Name or Mantra, which may be done informally, and whenever convenient, people could open themselves up to this Light. She does not claim to be a guru or have followers. To be connected to her work, people do not have to recognize her. Her teaching is mainly related to Bhakti, that is devotion to God, and in that she accepts all denominations.”

For my UK readers, Mother Meera will be giving Darshan at Kenton Hall, Kenton, London, HA3 0PQ on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th September 2012.

There will be three Darshan sessions on each day, at 10am, 2pm and 6pm. For full info see this website

I am going on the 19th and I have wanted to see her for more than 20 years, so many thanks to my friend Laura Berridge for alerting me on Facebook.

This month the focus is on healing our separation from Oneness.

many blessings, Pam x


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