Autumn Equinox and New Moon in Libra

Mars in Sagittarius want us to aim high, to have a vision for the future
Mars in Sagittarius want us to aim high, to have a vision for the future

Sun in Libra-Time for Balance

Main players this week apart from the Sun, are Mars and Neptune as Mars forms a challenging square to the planet of Dreams and the Divine.

Patience is the only way through if you are fraught trying to get things done.

I have been grappling with transferring a host of files and programmes onto a new Windows 8 computer. This is a process that my trusty local computer shop didn’t want to deal with! Wise man.

Mars wants action and the combination with Neptune can be a really difficult.

Mars is in a fire sign, Neptune is water-and water puts out fire.

We tend to project Mars/Neptune onto film stars and leaders. Think of the enigmatic President Bill Clinton who has the conjunction. He could cry in public as he truly is ultra sensitive. However the down side is that he was under the illusion (Neptune) that all was well, when it clearly wasn’t.

Neptune can prominent when scandals emerge. The news today is that supermarket giant Tesco  vastly –by £250 million -over estimated their profits!!!!!


The positive is that Mars can be our hero-it can, in the words of that hit song ” lift us up where we belong.” And now its travelling through the sign of Sagittarius, that’s the Spiritual warrior filled with fervour and passion for a better future.

Mars and Nepune can fight for the underdog, can have compassion, empathy and imagination.

Dates this Week (times BST)

Monday Sept 22nd.4.38am  Mars square Neptune

Tuesday Sept 23rd

  • Pluto direct. 1.35am
  • Sun into Libra at 3.29am

Wednesday Sept 24th New Moon in Libra at 7.13am

Thursday Sept 25th Jupiter trine Uranus-super good fortune -worth  a flutter!

Friday Sept 26th Moon into Scorpio 15.29

Saturday Sept 27th Mercury into Scorpoio

Sunday Sept 28th  Sun inconjunct Neptune- let go of disappointments, a tricky day, be gentle with yourself.

Moon into Sagittarius 23.50