Venus in Virgo enters the Underworld

Virgo by Johfra-Bosschart
Virgo by Johfra-Bosschart

Venus in Virgo: Transits September 15th-21st

This week the Moon travels through Gemini, Cancer Leo and Virgo. The only planet it conjuncts is Jupiter on Saturday 20th.

However the Moon always makes aspects to every planet in its monthly cycle. That’s why we all have up and down days.

 Major move this week is Mars into Sagittarius

This is a positive shift as Mars brings action and boosts the energy of fire and inspiration. It is moving toward a Grand Fire Trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries in October. All three fire signs will benefit for the next 6 weeks, and all of us can expect some good luck and surprise turn arounds starting next week.

 Planet of the Week-Venus in Virgo

We start the week on Sunday when Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in fellow earth sign of Capricorn. As Venus rules relationships and love, and Pluto rules power, this is a day to embrace your power, and to recognise your true worth.

15th Moon in Gemini. No major aspects

16th Last Quarter Moon in Gemini at 3.04am. This start the turning point as the Moon wanes on its homeward bound journey to join the Sun at the next New Moon on September 24th.

The Moon moves into Cancer 16.24

17th Venus in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces 19.31
Potential for healing wounds around relationships. Extra sensitive –do you value yourself?

18th Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries 02.19
Dilemma around freedom- need for change but need to let go of anger

19th Moon into Leo at 4.09am

20th Saturday. Once a month the Moon in Leo conjuncts Jupiter in Leo at 8.29am. Emotionally heart-warming day, Celebrate!

21st Venus sextile Saturn at 14.03 Moon into Virgo at 16.53

Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow of Oneself
Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow

Venus into the Underworld- A Shamanic Journey

Venus disappears from morning sky September 16, 2014 at 14 degrees Virgo and meets with the Sun on 25th October 2014 at 02 degrees Scorpio.

She is in the Underworld, but when she rises as an Evening star she regains her power.

Venus’s disappearance relates to an ancient myth describing Inanna- The Queen of Heaven – descent into the Underworld to meet her sister Erishigal-Queen of the Underworld.

As she descends she is stripped of her garments at 7 Gates.

This story is an analogy to the 7 chakras.

Venus rises as Evening Star on December 04, 2014 at 22 degrees Sagittarius.

As Evening Star Venus meets with the waxing Moon 7 to 8 times returning through the seven gates in the reverse order, now transformed and empowered from her initiation as she regains her garments and symbols of her royal status. She is reborn.