Doctor Who and The Star Whale

Latest episode of Doctor Who – The Beast Below. Link at end of post

TV Show in synchronicity with today’s Pisces Moon.

Tonight on the latest episode of ‘Doctor Who’, we land on London which is actually a spaceship. It is fuelled by a giant Star Whale, which is called The beast. The humans in charge are torturing it, so it will continue to act as the engine, enabling them to travel through space.

It transpires that the Star Whale is actually the last of its species and is immensely kind and compassionate. It endures the harsh punishment, because its goal is to help the children. It cannot bear to hear them cry and suffer.

As I wrote  a few weeks ago, the whale is the epitome of the archetype of Pisces, and apt that it airs when the Moon is travelling through this sign. It’s a salutory tale, wrapped up in a great adventure.

You may be feeling extra sensitive over the next few days as we enter the dark of the Moon.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself, its a healing time,

blessings, Pam

To watch the episode: