April New Moon – Planting Seeds

New Moon April 14th 2010 set for London at 13.28 BST

The first New Moon of the Year in Aries is the start of the astrological New year. It signifies new beginnings, of taking a risk and initiation. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is courageous and bold. It is the sign of The Pioneer.

However its not a good idea to start new projects when the moon is invisible. Wait a few days.

If you wait until Saturday April 17th both the Sun and the Moon will be exalted (i.e. in their best signs). This usually only happens on one day a year and in the Vedic system of astrology is extremely fortunate. It is a festival called Akshaya Tritiya.

On Saturday anything that is started will do well. This combination of the two luminaries both exalted cancels all negative influences of difficult planets and yogas.

Komilla Sutton writes: “How to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya Make a donation to a worthy cause. Give Annadanam – donate food as a service to humanity. Begin an important project. If you have always wanted to write, this is a great day to put pen to paper and write the first words. You must only do these if you believe in this philosophy. If you undertake projects half heartedly, the results are not so good.”

It will happen once more on May 16th, which is extremely rare. (Note this is using the sidereal system of astrology, as used in Vedic astrology.) I have a workshop planned for that very weekend.

Aries “I Will”
Aries is the ram, courageous and bold. Governed by Mars it is headstrong and active. Mars is currently in Leo, the sign belonging to the Sun, and the Sun in Aries is owned by Mars. So there is an exchange of energy. Watch out for the negative manifestion as anger or rage.

Taurus “I Have”
On April 20th we move into the sign of Taurus. This is the sign of the zodiac that is all about manifesting. Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Pleasure, Taurus is a sensual sign and loves good food and wine. This is the Archetype of the Empress.

Mercury Retrograde April 18th in Taurus. Mercury stays in Taurus until 10th June.
Chiron in Pisces April 20th
Venus in Gemini April 25th
Saturn opposite Uranus April 26th
Full Moon in Scorpio April 28th
Mercury direct May 11th

blessings, Pam