February New Moon in Aquarius- Wish Upon a Star

The New Moon was February 10th.

Silence, the tarot card for The Star in Osho Zen tarot
Silence, the tarot card for The Star in Osho Zen tarot

However there is now a line up of planets in Pisces -Neptune, Mars, Chiron and Mercury.

That energy influences you strongly if you are a Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Aries and Scorpio Sun or Moon sign.

Pisces is a time of dreaming, a time of retreat, to keep a dream journal to allow the energy to gently filter through so we may reconnect with our creativity and our Vision.

Aquarius, Hope and The Star

Aquarius in the tarot is The Star and this week has seen some extraordinary cosmic events.

Jupiter and Uranus are in a sextile, a lucky combination but also activating the unusual and shocking.

  • The Pope resigned and the Vatican was hit by lightening.
  • The largest meteorite in recorded history hit the Urals in Russia
  • An asteroid narrowly missed hitting the earth

‘The Star’ from The Osho Zen Tarot is called ‘Silence’:-

“The silent mirror like receptiveness of a star-filled night with a full moon is reflected in the misty lake below. The face in the sky is deep in meditation, a goddess of the night who brings depth, peace and understanding.
Now is a very precious time. It will be easy for you to rest inside, to plumb the depths of your own inner silence to the point where it meets the silence of the universe.  There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and the quality your inner silence permeates everything you do.Now is the time to come home to yourself.
The understanding and insights that come to you in these moments will be manifested later on, in a more outgoing phase of your life.”

The Star is a symbol of Hope, so wish upon a star on Monday Feb 18th at 12.02 GMT as the Sun moves into Pisces and the Moon joins Jupiter.

On Monday night after dark look upward and you’ll see the Moon joining Jupiter in the constellation of Taurus- which is the sign of Gemini in Western astrology.

Aquarius by Johfra-Bosschart
Aquarius by Johfra-Bosschart

Planets In February

  • 1st Mars into Pisces
  • 2nd Venus into Aquarius until 26th. Networking, groups and being with like minded people is excellent at this time.
  • 5th Mercury into Pisces. Intuitive and dreamlike, be aware of daydreaming when you cross the road!
  • 8th Mercury conjunct Mars. Being bullied or are you being too rash in what you say?
  • 16th Mars trine Saturn- the go ahead for projects
  • 18th Saturn stations to go retrograde for 4 months
  • 18th Sun into Pisces at 12.02pm GMT as Moon joins Jupiter at 7 degrees Gemini Wish upon a star
  • 21st Sun conjunct Neptune A day for meditation, tune into the Muse
  • 23rd Mercury Retrograde. Will be in Pisces until 4th April Back up your computer!
  • 26th Mercury conjunct Mars (2nd time this month)
  • 26th Full Moon in Virgo square Jupiter Difficult, a crisis of faith as belief systems are being challenged
  • 26th Venus into Pisces Exalted, this is the sign of compassion
  • 27th Sun conjunct Chiron Wounded leadership, wounds being brought into consciousness
  • 28th Venus conjunct Neptune Keep grounded and don’t be seduced into buying something you cant really afford

The month has seen a focus on Jupiter in Gemini in the first half, now we are preparing for Saturn in Scorpio going retrograde.

I have lived through 2 Saturn returns in my life, so I know that discipline and commitment is how to work wisely with Saturn’s energy. However that’s easy to write, less easy to do!

Put simply Saturn is resistance. Be aware of this during the second half of this month.

One book I always recommend for creativity is called ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield.
He recommends that to approach a difficult task, such as writing, is to tell yourself that you’ll do it for 10 minutes.
Once you start you’ll find you are in the flow, and its easy to continue.

chiron archetype wounded healer
Chiron-The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

90 minute fully illustrated Webinar is now available to buy

In this video you will discover:-

  • Chiron through the signs, the Wound and the Gift
  • What Chiron in Pisces means for the next 7 years
  • The relevance of the first square Chiron makes in your life
  • The Pisces Theme of Sacrifice-The key concepts explained
  • Guided Meditation to Heal Your Core Life Sacrifice

Included in the fee is your own personal Chiron and the Asteroids Report worth £15.
(NB This is not The Goddesses Report)

humpty-dumptyDid you have bricks thrown at you in childhood?

‘Healing Your Soul Story’ Workshop

March 2nd/3rd London
The focus of this weekend workshop and coaching is to help you clear your soul story and heal your childhood wounds so you can embrace your destiny and your soul’s purpose.

  • Do you sabotage your success?
  • Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, hurt or heartbroken?
  • Are you in sacrifice and find it easy to give, but difficult to receive?
  • Are you stuck and want to reconnect with your creativity?

In childhood we can experience a trauma, a death in the family, or major accident or illness.  As a result we move off our centre. We can then build a whole life that is not fully connected to our true self.

For many of us we’ve had many such incidents, so by the time we’re in our 20ties we are, like Humpty Dumpty, shattered.

The bigger our wounds, the more powerful soul level gifts we have brought in. As Chiron is The Wounded Healer and The Shaman, the underlying problem relates to the Shamanic test, a time when we failed so dramatically a part of us died.

However we can go back in time, heal that wound and claim our soul level gifts that would help our family.

Initiation card from The Healing Cards by Chuck Spezzano
Initiation card from The Healing Cards by Chuck Spezzano

Chiron says, the Gift is in the Wound

On key days in the year there is a surge of energy from the planets to heal at a deep level with the power of Grace and step through a gateway in the mind to a higher consciousness.

This workshop tunes into on the transits of the 4 personal planets joining Chiron and Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

This is a stellium, a powerful focus on the last sign of the zodiac.

We are tuned into the vibration of the Mystic and the Shaman and have access to our dream world, to healing and to Grace.

Pam works intuitively and will facilitate group and individual processes and meditations to help you to heal your childhood wounds and receive your Soul gifts. They will include:-

  • Learning the significance of numbers and your age when your core wound occurred to understand your Core Life Patterns.
  • Healing your core childhood wound and returning to your true centre.
  • Passing the Shamanic Test which raises you to a new level of vision, birth, love, creativity, psychic ability, artistic or healing power.
  • Guided Meditation to connect with your power animal and your Inner Guide.
  • Ho’ opono pono forgiveness ritual.
  • ‘Joining’ to connect with Grace and Miracles

Book by February 19th and receive a 6 Month Sky Log Transit report worth £15 as a bonus!

This workshop is now over


Pam x

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