Feeling Over Emotional at the Taurus Full Moon?

A SuperMoon can trigger emotional volatility

full-moonThis is a very beautiful Taurus Full Moon and best understood by looking at the stellium of Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo. Please watch my YouTube video as I explain this fully.

Full moons always ask us to integrate two opposites, and they do bring up emotions.

As this is a SuperMoon so you may be feeling even more emotional than usual!

The Sun in Scorpio asks us to look at our shadow and transform it, and Venus opposite Chiron is promoting healing and self-love!

Scorpio is the sign that requires us to go deep into our feelings and explore the Underworld, our unconscious.

In my work I guide clients through healing processes that shine a light onto those dark places. As long as we enter this realm with help- our Guides and Highest spritual beings such as Mother Mary and the angels, we are safe.

Your Moon sign will describe how you experienced your mother. Not as others saw her.

This Full Moon in Taurus is exalted-which means it’s in the best sign it can be. I am fortunate to have such a Moon and I always remember my mother’s baking and nurturing. My sister – who has the same mother – has the Moon in Aries. She was always out of the house playing sports and missed many meals. She reckons she didn’t get fed very much!

Venus is close to Jupiter and became exact on October 25th. This stays ‘in orb’ until November 6th-my birthday!

As these are THE two benefic planets, they are excellent together. However-watch out for over indulgence in too much sweetness, whether that’s chocolate or alchohol. Plus a tendency for over spending triggered by desire rather than need.