The Flowering of our Heart’s desire: May Full Moon

hina goddessThe May Full Moon was just after midday in the UK on May 17th 2011.

The Moon in Scorpio is reflecting the light of the Sun in Taurus.

Emotions are heightened at a full moon and this is an intense one with the Moon in Scorpio. I am a Sun sign Scorpio and my Moon is in Taurus, so yesterday I spent reflecting and researching.

I drew the card ‘Enlightenment’ by Chuck Spezzano just before the session and Hina, the Hawaiian Moon Goddess on my arrival home. Hina is the Goddess of Manifestation, fertility and attraction, all qualities of Taurus. She offers us the freedom that our soul is crying out for, and the power to change our lives and embrace our soul’s purpose.

Chuck writes:-
“Enlightenment is an experience of true reality, rather than the illusion we create and it removes all grievances form the world. As we approach enlightenment the ego typically threaten us with death. Be courageous.

Although it may unleash vicious self-attack, the feelings of death are actually the death of the ego.

Enlightenment is a remembrance of God, Oneness and eternity. Today Grace will help you remember Heaven.”

Most Powerful Full Moon of the Year

According to astrologer Franco Santoro

“This Full Moon is known in the Theravada Buddhist countries of South East Asia as Wesak: the birthday, enlightenment and entry into Nirvana of Buddha. In this respect it is considered as the most powerful Full Moon of the year.

It was on the night of the Full Moon in Scorpio that Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and attained total enlightenment. According to esoteric traditions the Buddha returns at this time every year to dispense healing light to the world. Spiritual masters led by the Christ gather in the Wesak Valley, a mythic non-ordinary location in the Himalayas, position themselves in a vast pentagram, while the Buddha radiates light.”

This week is ideal for Group Meditation

It is believed that during the five-day period of the Full Moon, which includes two days before and after the day of exact Full Moon, direct contact can be established with the Great Masters and the Forces of Light that hold the planet.

Franco continues:-
“The day of this Full Moon is known as the Day of Safeguarding, which involves holding the energy generated by the alignment with our multidimensional nature. The two days following the Full Moon are called the Days of Distribution, implying passing on the accumulated energy to the web of life.

When a sufficient number of people come together, connecting personal with collective history and aligning with luminous intent, this strengthens the foundations for the expansion of human awareness and the reawakening of our multi-dimensional nature. In this respect all group meditations and rituals, sustained by a clear collective intent and inspired by a healing basic purpose, provides major benefits to the human and general environment.”

Tree of Life and Inner Guidance

The Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi tree. I spent the day researching this tree.

“The image of the Bodhi-Tree at this site has two components – the tree itself and its reflection. The tree represents life which is outwardly full of desire, sorrow, and ignorance. Its reflected image represents life’s perfection. It is life as reflected by pure, clean, awareness. It is what life can be in its ideal form and when understood in its true nature.

Here, life is a set of changing reflections with no permanent anchor in physical form. The tree reflected in the water is like the self reflected in awareness.”

The Tree is symbolic of the Tree of Life, with branches, above, and roots below. This is shown in the astrological chart, with the IC naturally ruled by Cancer as the roots, and Capricorn the top of the tree, which is the MC of our birth chart and it signifies our vocation and place in the world.

Cancer is the sign of the Moon, and our Home. The roots of our birth chart are in the hidden lower half of our chart, so to understand our origins we need to explore the subconscious. As the moon wanes it will pass through the last signs of the zodiac- Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. 26 degrees of Sagittarius is the Galactic Centre, the Great Cosmic Womb. The Moon passes over this on May 19th.

This is a ideal time for deep meditation and attuning to inner guidance from the source of our galaxy.

Whatever we planted at the New Moon is now flowering or wilting! Then there were 4 planets in Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Now we have 4 planets in Taurus; the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, all urging us to focus on pleasure and desire and the sheer joy of being alive. On May 20th both Mercury and Mars make a flowing aspect to Pluto- that’s a powerful combination of sexual and life force energy.

This week is the perfect time to ask some key questions about our heart’s desires.

What do you really want?

More success, happiness, financial security, a loving relationship? Each night just before you go to sleep, focus on your heart’s desire. Each morning as you wake, ask that the day be full of blessings. Its proven that our minds create the future by our thoughts. Taurus is the sign of manifesting, so manifest all the good things that your heart desires, to come to you.

How much do you care for yourself?

With the Sun in Taurus, which governs pleasure in earthly delights its important to ask:-
How much do you neglect yourself?
How much do you neglect your partner?
How much do you neglect your relationships?
How much do you neglect your business?
How much do you neglect your soul purpose?
It can be really hard for someone to reach you, to get past your neglect. With neglect we tend to push others away. Plus if you neglect yourself you’ll tend to be attracted to destructiveness. Illness and injury are both signs of a lack of self love.

Financial Flow

One area to focus on is financial flow and money. Go within and imagine that your abundance is a rose bush. How is it looking? Is it so neglected it is struggling to grow? See it now being blessed with love and nurturing from Heaven. See it flowering and blossoming. Each day connect with this rose energy and send love, blessings and Grace to any aspect of your life that needs some tender care.

What have you been holding onto?

Taurus is the sign of possessiveness. The Moon is Scorpio asks us to let go of the past. Whenever we hold on we’re blocking our ability to receive all the good things that the Universe wants to give us. We can hold onto good memories as well as negative ones. This can be a time in our life when we were happy, a place we once lived, our first true love.

A simple ritual writing down all the places and people you are still holding onto, then burning it, is a very effective ritual to do over the next few days.

Soulmate Astrology Report

This truly is a brilliant report to help understanding of what we most seek- a happy relationship. This is an excerpt:-

“The very first relationship begins within family. No matter what your individual fate may be, your family is where you forged your earliest relationships, took your beginning steps and first experienced an attachment to someone else. Your earliest experiences of forming an emotional bond have a decisive influence on your capacity to feel safe enough to explore relationships beyond the foundation stones of your family.”

See more about your Soulmate report

And a final note from my email today from Esther and Jerry Hicks:-
“It doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing with their vibration, it only matters what you are doing. You cannot desire something and notice that it isn’t coming without offering two contradictory vibrations that won’t let it come.” Abraham

have a happy month, blessings,

Pam x

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