Dance of Love: Taurus New Moon


This Taurus New Moon opens us to the energy of Venus and all the sensual delights of the darling buds of May. Each New Moon is a seed, a time of meditation and reflection. A time to set intentions. As the Moon is dark it’s a birthing time, a feminine energy and a place of opening and receiving.

The 3 days when the Moon disappears (as it is hidden behind the Sun) is also a symbolic time of union, a marriage of soul and spirit.

Then the Crescent Moon reappears reborn, and so the monthly cycle begins again.

This is a month to relish in love, to indulge in poetry, warm perfumed baths, and listen to the love songs that touch your heart.

What better start than the Royal Wedding- a day when Jupiter joined Mars- a signature of sexuality and royalty – no wonder they partied all night long! And it is a time for us all to party, to celebrate and feel the love and the joy.

The sermon by The Bishop of London was quite beautiful.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire. So said St Catherine of Sienna whose festival day it is today. Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves.”

Cosmic Marriage

Venus (The Goddess) is now in Aries and is fast approaching her conjunction with Mars, which happens rarely.

Due the different speeds of these two planets they dance together. Many times they almost touch, only for one to go retrograde and the union is incomplete. Not this time.

The union happens on May 23rd in Venus’s own sign of Taurus. This is THE month for love!

Valuing Oneself

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house in our birth charts. This is the area of our life concerned with how we earn money. And most importantly our talents and gifts. it connects us to how we value ourselves.

Venus is the energy of attraction, it also governs money. Money is an exchange of energy. So this is also the time to heal any issue you may have around your self worth. Receiving is sometimes not as easy as giving.

Remedies for Venus


Vedic astrology offers remedies to help strengthen planets that are weak. The easiest method is a mantra which needs to be repeated out loud 108 times daily. The use of a mala (a bead necklace with 108 beads) is an excellent way to count. (They are available on Amazon.) Its also tactile and was the forerunner of the rosary.

Mantras awaken our consciousness and our physical body through the chakras. The word mantra comes from manas mind and trai device. Because you are making an effort each day you are shifting your karma, which is the energy of action.  The results come over time.

To heal relationship, self worth and money issue this is the mantra for Venus:-

Om Shrim Klim Sukra Namaha
Pronounce shrim as ‘shreem’  and klim as kleem’. Om is the universal sound for healing and peace, shrim the seed sound for the feminine principle of abundance, klim is the principle of attraction and Sukra the  sanscrit name for Venus. Namaha means ‘I salute you’. Venus’ day is Friday, so a good time to start this would be this Friday.

Colour Therapy

Wearing certain colours can really affect you. Colour is vibration and I am appalled to see so much black and dark colours worn by people in winter. Black is the negation of colour and can only increase depression. Venus loves white and varied colours, such as pretty prints. The essential oils for Venus are ylang ylang, rose, geranium and jasmine.

Venus’ gemstone is the diamond (or white tourmaline or white zircon). A gemstone can be a powerful way to strengthen a weak planet but have to be used with care. For the best effect they need to be pure untreated gemstones, and they are very expensive. They need to be prescribed in accordance with your Vedic birth chart.

The gemstones that you may have read about in books, according to your sun sign are a fabrication! They were invented in the last century by the trade.

amour-psycheRelationship Reports

Understanding the dynamics in relationships is vitally important. I offer two Relationship Reports, one western, and one Vedic. They give great insight into the dynamics of each relationship and you don’t need to know the birth time of your partner, though it helps if you do.

Western Report
This compatibility report tells you what expectations and styles of relating you bring to all your relationships. These habits are so familiar that we have a hard time understanding our biases. The heart of this report is the section that describes the dynamics of the relationship. Another word for this is ‘chemistry’.

A few years back I had an instant attraction to a man. Luckily I looked at this report and was able to see that yes, it was an electric connection -but not one that would last. The report helped me come down to earth and accept reality!

The Vedic report is written comparing the Moon in each persons chart according to the lunar mansion it resides in.

Ernst Wilhelm, the author, says:-

“In any relationship it is respect that is most important. Love is said to, “flourish in the soil of mutual respect.” When any two people get together there is a particular flow between them. If it flows well, both people feel respected, cared for and loved. If it does not flow well, both people fell disrespected, incompetent and frustrated. Men and women tend to feel loved for different things and thus need to be respected in different ways.

Men feel most loved when respected and when they are appreciated for what they do. Women feel most loved when their feelings are respected and when they are appreciated for who they are.” Contact Pam for details.

Soulmate Report

What does your soul need in relationships? What patterns weave themselves into the nature of your intimate relationships?

This beautiful insightful report offers in-depth information about you and what your soul needs from your relationships. It encourages you to reflect on what it means for you to love- to be a brother, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a partner and a lover.

Love consists in this … that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other. Maria Rilke Rainer

Astrology is a great ally of the soul, as the Horoscope has an abundance of rich images that help us reflect on and imagine our authentic self; imagination being the language of the soul.

Relationship Consultation

A computerised report can only do so much. I offer a relationship reading that looks at both people’s charts. I discuss the planetary periods each person is in, the aspects of the planets that matter most and also the Navamsha chart which is the dharma of each person. This chart can show the deeper spiritual connection and how our partner can help us actualise our highest potential.

Please email me to arrange an appointment.

blessings, Pam x