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free webinar venus joins the sunVenus joins the Sun: The Sacred Marriage of Passion and Purpose

Venus disappeared from the Morning Sky and has been invisible since April 30th at 1 degree Taurus.

This is symbolic of being in the ‘Underworld’.

Venus joins the Sun, the Source of Life and Purpose, on June 6th at 16 degrees Gemini.

This is the midway point in her Synodic cycle. It’s highly significant as it’s just a day after the New Moon in Gemini and the Grand Mutable Cross.

Venus represents our passion, our beauty, what we love and value. When Venus joins the Sun it’s a sacred marriage of passion and purpose. As such its connected to how we earn money and to our abundance.

On July 13th Venus becomes visible once more and rises as the Evening Star at 2 degrees Leo.

She will be transformed and empowered from her initiation with the Sun. This bodes well for the rise of feminine power and leadership for the rest of 2016.

 Venus and The Goddess- The Gates of Initiation:-

Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow of Oneself
Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow of Oneself

Venus is associated with the Sumerian myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. She descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereskigal who is in mourning following the death of her husband.

She is stripped of her power and her vestments at 7 Gates and then killed by Ereskigal.

We can associate the conjunctions Venus makes each month with the Moon, with the 7 gates that Inanna passes through.

These 7 gates represent the 7 chakras.

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  • The meaning of Venus and the Sun in Gemini, part of the Grand Mutable Cross
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  • The Aura-Soma bottles 16 and 35 and what their message signifies.
  • Identify which of the Shamanic ‘Overtone’ sign you are connected to before your birth.



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