July 3rd Intense Full Moon in Capricorn

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Uranus Pluto Shocks!

This is an intense full moon, as it focuses us on the major planetary news of Uranus making an exact square to Pluto.

The scandals that are being brought to the surface in the banking industry are indicative of this energy.

The headline news was the resignation of Barclay’s bank boss, Bob Diamond. Now people are asking ‘who’s in charge of Barclays?’

Banking and institutions are under scrutiny and secrets being exposed as Pluto (God of the Underworld) transits through the sign of Capricorn. As Pluto moves through a sign it acts like dyno-rod to clear out all the stuff that has lain buried.

Pluto can be ruthless, and this detoxification is totally necessary

The shocks are reflection of the square that Uranus (God of Chaos) is now making from the sign of Aries.

The other major news in the world of showbiz is the shock announcement that Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because she doesn’t want their daughter raised in the religion of Scientology.

Katie is a Sagittarian, Tom a Cancerian. His birthday is July 3, so this Full Moon is totally affecting him.

Interesting that he is spending his birthday in Iceland filming his latest movie called Oblivion!

Uranus square to Pluto will occur 7 times and it signifies sudden and radical changes

Those born in the mid 60ties resonate to the revolutions that are taking place now, as back then Uranus joined Pluto in Virgo. This conjunction operates in an individual’s chart if it connects to a personal planet- the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

The Uranus Pluto square affects us as individuals depending on our horoscope and which house- area of our life-that it activates. Uranus as the planet of change in the sign of Aries challenges us all to try something new-to be bold -to be pioneers.

Watch the video to find out more about this Full Moon. I describe Mars moving into Libra, the upcoming Mercury retrograde and some lucky dates this July.

So it’s not all bad!

blessings for a great month,

Pam x

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