Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Being from ‘The Oracle of Illumination’ by Vicky and Phillip Argyle

Letting Go and Giving Birth to your Highest Potential

This full moon is a Lunar Eclipse and it is really difficult as Mars opposes Saturn.

This only happens every 2 years and it is a testing time.

Resistance to change is strong and the ‘fear factor’ arises at eclipses as the Moon or Sun is obscured.

Its a time of letting go, as the Sun is with the south node.

Letting go is symbolic of birth of our creations.

This is better understood by knowing that that the Dragons’ Head is the North Node, the Dragons Tail the south node.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar says:- “As the Moon reaches its North Node and enters the area of north latitude, it is as if it were opening itself to cosmic or spiritual influences symbolically represented by the North Pole and, more specifically, the pole star-Polaris.

The North Lunar Node represents the point of intake of spiritual cosmic energies; and it was called the “Dragon’s Head” — the nodal axis being symbolized by a dragon. The South Lunar Node was the “Dragon’s Tail.”

From a more strictly biological and functional point of view, the North Lunar Node refers to the mouth of an animal and the South Lunar Node to the organs of evacuation, which means both the anus and the procreative organs from which the seed goes forth.

The fact that the South Lunar Node refers not only to the point of excretion of waste materials, but also to the release of seed materials is still not understood by many astrologers today.”

My YouTube Video on the Eclipses

The lunar eclipse on Scorpio April 25th shows us caught in resistance as Mars is moving to oppose Saturn. This becomes exact on May 1st.

The principle is that the ego doesn’t want us to change, so it creates fear.

We will create accidents, health issue, a financial crisis or relationship problem in our lives as a way of distracting ourselves from taking the next step.

This often occurs when we have set a big juicy goal.

The way to move through resistance is to commit.

At the Solar eclipse on May 10th, Mars is still active, but can act as the Spiritual warrior.


Included in my video is an affirmation on the Law of Pure Potentiality with a sanskrit mantra from Deepak Chopra.

Mantras are extremely powerful, and can have huge benefits as they get us in touch with our Higher Mind.

They can remedy a difficult planetary aspect in your chart, but need to be done on a regular basis.

If you didn’t attend the free meditations on ‘Perfect Health’ with Deepak Chopra, I highly recommend them.

I bought the set of 3 and am working with the Abundance Meditations. Both include sanskrit mantras.

vocation reportDo you know your Axis of Destiny?

This is the position of the Moon’s Lunar Nodes in your birth chart. To find out about where they are, order the Vocation report.
often the sign and elements are at odds with the signs of your sun and Moon, making it a journey through your life to fulfill your destiny. Purpose is to be found by the position of the Sun and Jupiter in your chart. destiny differs.

This report is incredibly useful in affirming how you can earn money, your career and the direction that your soul wants you to take.

The reports contains:

  • An Introduction to Vocation (This is really valuable information to digest)
  • Vocation and the Axis of Destiny – The Lunar Nodes
  • Vocation and Direction – The Ascendant and Angular Planets
  • Vocation and Character – The Sun and Moon
  • Income – The Rich Resources of Your Life -The 2nd House Cusp and Planets in the 2nd House.
  • Work – the 6th House Cusp and Planets in the 6th House.
  • Profession – The Midheaven and Planets in the 10th House, Planets conjunct and opposite the Midheaven.

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clearing karma workshopClearing Karma- Receiving Abundance: Workshop May 11th/12th

There are certain times in the year when karma can be cleared- this weekend encompasses one of them.

Timed a day after the powerful Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, we have the opportunity to break free of the past, to clear karma.

Karma is connected to the past- the actions taken in previous incarnations. Our birth chart is the sum total of karma- and its not all bad!

We all have good karma, which are past deeds where we have answered the calls for help and been in service to others.

However in each lifetime we are learning lessons on our path of evolution and returning Home to Oneness.

This is a place of innocence, peace and happiness.

Invoking Fortuna: Goddess of Abundance

According to the creative principle, abundance is always available, however many of us struggle to be in the financial flow in our lives. If you have a belief that money is scarce, and that you must struggle to to get it, then this results in blocked energy and lack.

As the New Moon is in the sign of Taurus, the Goddess energy is strong with Venus being the ruling planet. The feminine principle is the ability to receive.

What happens on the Workshop?

Pam will facilitate individual and group processes to help you clear your karma, your blocks to abundance. They will include:-

Day 1: Clearing Karma, the Family Inheritance and Ancestral Healing

  • A Sacred Ritual as the astrological wheel of the Workshop is laid out on the floor. Each person will able to see the significance of the eclipse, and what area of life is affected.
  • Learning about the South Node in your birth chart representing past karma.
  • Ancestral Problem. If you have a predilection for illness, low self -worth, scarcity, relationship problems or heartbreaks then it may have been inherited problem.
  • Using astrology -Western and Vedic- and your intuition -discover the family member or ancestor whose story has set up a significant pattern that is negatively influencing your life.
  • Integrate and heal the south node pattern to embrace the North Node-your destiny.

Day 2: Receiving Abundance and Opening to Vision

  • Guided Meditation to access the Third Eye
  • Healing the splits and dilemmas –the major dichotomies of the mind -that block the gifts of the unconscious- spiritual vision, psychic gifts, creativity, and magic
  • Intuitive Exercise to discover your hidden ‘idol’- what the ego has offered you in place of happiness-  that is holding you back, with a Guided Meditation
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude healing processes

Just 3 places left, so book your place now!

This workshop is for a small group of 8 maximum, so everyone gets a personal process.

This workshop is now over




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Axis of Destiny-Vocation Report

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