New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

4 Hot Tips to avoid the traps and surf the cosmic sea of dramatic change


This New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct the Moon’s South Node (called Ketu). This is a break in the cosmic field as the Sun (consciousness) is hidden by the Moon (the past).

It’s a sudden burst of electrifying energy, as if the light switch of the Sun is turned off, then quickly turned on again.

The degree is 19 degrees Taurus, which remains sensitive for up to 6 months.

It is not as harsh as the lunar eclipse 2 weeks ago as the personal planets have all passed their annual opposition to Saturn.

However there is a stellium of Mars, South Node, Mercury, Moon, Sun in Taurus.

This is strongly Martian in flavour, so watch your tendencies (or partners/men in your life) to flare up over the smallest things.

Vedic Astrologer Sam Geppi says;

“The Ketu Solar Eclipses are “Exercises in Exorcism”, where we are compelled to unearth and untangle our confusing emotional wounds and past. The temptation is to try to blast through the pain and difficulty of conformity.

But Ketu senses this is futile, worthless and hopeless. Ketu, the headless one can only feel – or it is where we can only learn by reconnecting to the heart.

This is the power of the eclipses, to reunite the head and the fascination with the world (Rahu) with the heart and our need to transcend the “busy”ness of this life (Ketu).

The extremes and intensity of this eclipse, with it’s fiery and icy overtones, make this reconnection all the more poignant now. Emotional courage is key, and those willing to walk the hero’s path will find a sweet reward, including business and/or relationship growth.”

The Traps of this Solar Eclipse in Taurus

  1. Inner Tension: The ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto is activated for the third time. This is the ‘Clash of the Titans’. Uranus is volatile, Pluto Lord of the Underworld. Disruption and chaos can ensure if you remain unable to go with the changes that the Universe is asking of us all. This is deep transformation in our society and one that those born with the opposition in 1964-1966 know deep within their psyches.
    The Way Through: Declutter, clean and space clear your home and office. Donate unwanted goods to charity.
  2. Aggression: Mars is very active, and can act as aggression flaring up if the negative aspect of Taurus erupts- the stubbornness of ‘my way or the highway’.
    The Way Through: Physical activity, digging in the garden, pruning, mowing the lawn, act with Mars, not against its energy. A fire ritual would be perfect to appease the Gods.
  3. Laziness and Over Indulgence: Taurus is good at grazing, but can be lethargic and over indulge in sweet foods and alcohol.
    The Way Through: Treat yourself to moments of luxury- a long bath in sweet oils such as Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, a massage, new item of clothing or make up, all assuage Venus’s desires for sensual pleasure.
  4. Fear: Eclipses bring up fear as the Sun- consciousness- is hidden by the emotions of the past-the Moon.
    The Way Through: Connect with The Source. Silence and Meditation are vitally important during the next 2 weeks. Keep you focus with Deepak Chopra and the Law of Pure Potentiality: “Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me” Sanskrit mantra ‘So Hum’ meaning ‘I am’.

On a positive note- Venus has just moved into Gemini and will join Jupiter on May 27th-which is highly auspicious.

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This is a pivotal time as we encounter the Solar Eclipse then a second Lunar eclipse on May 25th, this time in the polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius.

If you are one of the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, or a mutable sign- Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, then these eclipses may well be triggering your natal chart.

Plus if you have Neptune in Scorpio at the sensitive degree- if you were born between 1964-1967-then this Solar Eclipse can activate a spiritual rebirth.

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