Gemini New Moon 2015

A Week Full of Miracles at the Gemini New Moon.

This is a week full of miracles as Jupiter trines Uranus on June 22nd. This is called ‘Thank The Lord’ as it heralds a relief from a dificult situation causing stress. This is the third time they join in harmony. The last two were 25th September 2014 and 23rd March 2015, at 15 and then 14 degrees of Leo/Aries.

Now on 22nd June they link at 20 degrees. If you have a planet at that degree in Leo or Aries then be on the lookout for some miracles!

On Friday June 20th you’ll see the Moon joining Venus and Jupiter. This is a rare and most beautiful sight.

Listen to the messages that the Universe wants to bring you.

During the Mercury retrograde I started to integrate my content from my Soul Purpose website into Healing Stars. I have finally recognised that they needed to join!

Gemini is the principle of duality, however it’s also a sign of flexibility and integration of opposites. Ruled by Mercury it’s the archetypes of The Messenger, The Psychopomp and also The Angel. Being open to messages that the Universe wants to deliver is still vitally important as Mercury continues its transit through Gemini until 13th July.

Gemini Constellation
Gemini Constellation- a gateway

 Gemini and the Star Gate: Soul Birth

Did you know that the constellation of Gemini is only one of two constellations (the other is Scorpio) that pass over the Milky Way?

In my mind the constellation of Gemini does look like a gateway, a birth canal.

According to  The Mayan Prophecies a book by Adrian G Gilbert and Maurice M Cottrell:-

Many of the tribes of north America there is a belief that the Milky way is a path through the sky along which the dead have to travel on their way to higher heavens.

It is conceived as having a gate at both ends, where it crosses the ecliptic. One points to Gemini, the other to Scorpio.

Galactic Center Artist View
The Galactic Centre Art by Don Dixon @ Cosmographica

The Galactic Centre-The Heart of our Solar System

This New Moon in Gemini is opposite the Galactic Centre-the Sun’s sun.  This is the heart of our Solar system and makes this New Moon even more important.

If you have any planet in your birth chart wthin 2 degrees of 26 degrees of Sagittarus (or Gemini) then you have a powerful mission in this lifetime.

I gave a lecture on this subject and have an article on my website that explains this further.

The renowned astrologer Charles Harvey said “Just as the Sun relates to our sense of purpose in life, the Galactic Centre relates to the higher purpose for mankind.”

Stargazer lily

Mayan Connection with Magic

Following on from this connection I refer to my Mayan Calendar.  To my wonderment, this New Moon is connected to the Mayan Star glyph of Ix.

Keywords are ” Integrity, Heart Knowing, Alignment with Divine Will, Magician, Shaman, Jaguar, Seer, Priest, Torch Bearer and Magic!

The flower is my favourite- the StarGazer lily, and the message is completely in tune with this New Moon in Gemini-

“Develop a clear connection with divine will and your essence self.

Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it.

Open to heart-knowing and limitless possibilities”.

If you are drawn to animal medicine you may like to check out Jamie Sams Medicine Cards.

jaguar medicine cards“Jaguar medicine is integrity and impeccability. Its mission is to devour the unclean aspects of human behavior. Jaguar teaches us good medicine to those who stand in their personal integrity and walk through life in an impeccable manner.

If Jaguar is roaming your dream/reality today, its primal roar may be rewarding you for maintaining your integrity in some situation where you could have easily misused your authority.

You may have been unwilling to pass judgement on another, or to be self-serving. Were you especially kind to someone or do a good deed that was unexpected? If so, allow the recognition to fill you with feelings of well-being and continue to serve with compassion and openhearted integrity.

Do not falter in your resolve to be your personal best at all times. Maintain your dignity, devotion, and compassion, holding to forthrightness and honesty, no matter what the contrary influences.

Jaguar medicine teaches you that personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again.