Inspirational Leadership

the butlerFrom being a Victim of Abuse to Inspirational Leadership

One woman whom I admire immensely is Oprah Winfrey.

Watching her being interviewed by Jonathan Ross on UK TV was heart opening.

She describes how the trauma that occurred in her life when she lost her child age 14 after being sexually abused, didn’t stop her- instead it propelled her forward.

Her father’s advice to her at that time was life changing.

Oprah is a leader in the truest sense- she answers the calls for help. That’s what I call inspirational leadership.

She decided early on in her career to use TV for good, to be a light in the world. She gives to others and uses her talents to reach out to those in need.

No wonder that both her Sun and Venus are in the sign of Aquarius, the Humanitarian.

She says:-

 “In every tragedy there is a moment where there’s a possibility for triumph. That’s what I learnt.”