Venus meets Pluto at the Aquarius New Moon Jan 30th 2014

Jan 30th Aquarius New Moon: Venus joins Pluto- Intense Relationship Issues

Here’s my YouTube video for the New Moon. I discuss the relevance if Venus joining Pluto which is lasting until Venus moves out of ‘orb’ around 23rd February. I would expect that the sexual abuse cases that are in the news will be resolved by then. Even though it’s been almost a week since this New Moon, I feel as if I’ve been treading through treacle!

Mercury Retrograde

The reason is that although we are just moving out of the Venus retrograde cycle, now we start Mercury retrograde. Mercury has been in its ‘shadow’ period’ and the retrograde begins tonight Feb 6th until Feb 28th. Back up your computer, and revise, review. It’s the ideal time to SLOW DOWN and listen to the voice within. Watch my videos, I offer a wealth of information that I trust you’ll enjoy. Remember what I quoted last month?

“We are about to experience Mercury retrograde and then Mars retrograde in rapid succession. These retrogrades can stir up a lot of material and pretty much compel us to reorient ourselves mentally and emotionally. However, Mars retrograde, which spans from March through May, will be one of those truly unusual threshold events — a kind of one-way door to another reality.” Eric Francis

Saturn in Scorpio transiting over Neptune

The sudden and tragic death of the brilliant actor Philip Seymour Hoffman last week, illustrates the intense Venus/Pluto energy. Pluto is the God of the Underworld. I cried when I heard the news, it was so unbelievable. Philip was a larger than life character, whose charisma imbued every film he made with magic. A self confessed addict, he was also undergoing the most difficult transit of Saturn in Scorpio over his natal Neptune. Saturn is reality, Neptune the ideal. Neptune can also represent drugs, the desire to opt out. If you were born between 1956-1969, you have been experiencing this transit over the last 2 years . The great astrologer Rob Hand describes this as:

“This transit results in confusion, self-doubt, uncertainty and a tendency to look at life from a negative point of view. There can be free floating anxiety. Things appear worse than they actually are. The positive is the ability to make extraordinary self sacrifice, sacrificing material needs to spiritual needs. But your perception of reality is quite different from normal, so take this into consideration when making plans for the future.”

I hasten to add that it depends on your natal chart as to whether you’ll be pulled down by this transit, or you’ll come through stringer and with a solid spiritual foundation. The tragedy is that Philip Seymour Hoffman couldn’t ask for, and get, the help he so needed.

YouTube Masterclass: Mars in Libra for 8 Months- Healing Our Power Struggles

Mars entered Libra on 7th December 2013 where it remains for 8 months because it goes retrograde on March 1st. Mars is the God of War, however in the sign of Libra it’s weak.

That creates a big problem, as weakness can result in bullying.

You may have been feeling the effects in the last week as it joined in the formation known as the Grand Cardinal Cross. If you’ve been caught in anger, irritability or a power struggle with someone or an organisation, OR you’ve been attacked verbally in the last week, then you understand what I am describing.

This Grand Cardinal Cross reaches a peak on April 22nd for about 3 days. To ride the wave, rather than be overwhelmed by this intense Cosmic energy, I have prepared this video to help you become aware, and to heal, what Mars in Libra signifies. On this fully illustrated presentation you will:-

  • Discover what Mars retrograde in Libra means for you
  • Learn from history when this last occurred
  • Some famous people with Mars in Libra-Peacemaker or Passive Aggressive?
  • Dynamics of Power Struggle
  • Guided Meditation to heal the Power Struggle
  • Special Offer on this webinar NOW EXTENDED to March 14th!



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