June Full Moon 2021

June Full Moon aligns with Mighty Jupiter

Cancer is a Cardinal sign governed by The Moon and relates to The Chariot in the tarot.

The June full moon occurs at 19.39 BST in the Uk. The Sun is in Cancer, the Moon is in Capricorn. This is the dynamic of Mother versus Father. Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, and Cancerians are known for their nurturing qualities. However its also a water sign, so prone to moodiness and feeling over-emotional. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, currently strong in the sign of Aquarius.

The good news is that the Sun and the Moon are positively aspected by Jupiter in Pisces, a sign it’s happy in.

Since Jupiter takes 12 years to travel through the zodiac, this is a unique opportunity to feel blessed.

Jupiter in Pisces relates to Grace. Canada and the US are both Cancerian countries and Canada is currently in the news. See below.

The positive at a Full Moon is to bring balance and unity between the opposites. The tarot card The Chariot is worth contemplating as it rules the sign of Cancer. Here we see that the charioteer is being guided by two sphinxes.

According to Tad Mann in his book The Elements of the Tarot:-

The walled city away from which he travels indicates the world of form he leaves behind in his quest to dominate the divine realm within himself.

The affirmation is “I conquer my instincts and emotions with the intentions of my higher self and achieve my goals.”

This will be especially relevant at the New Moon in Cancer on July 10th.

Dreamtime at The June Full Moon and Neptune

The other significant transit this week is Neptune, also in Pisces turning retrograde on 25th for the next 5 months. Neptune is the God of the Ocean and represents Oneness.

So we get a double dose of Pisces to add to the mix at this Full Moon. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and along with Neptune is seen in the charts of artists, painters, musicians and mystics.

The sign and house where Neptune is in your chart is where you seek the ideal, the highest vibration of universal love and redemption. It takes about 13 years to go through a sign, so is a group energy.

Neptune began its journey into Pisces in February 2012 and leaves in April 2025. We have seen environmental issues such as cleaning up pollution in the ocean, and the Covid pandemic.

Grief at the June Full Moon

Full moons always bring up emotions, especially with the water signs involved. With the pandemic is the experience of loss and grief. You may have lost a loved one or feeling the effects of lockdown and the depression that can bring. Zoom is great, but no substitute for hugs. I recommend the homeopathic remedy called ignatia.

I took it when my beloved cat called Angel died and I was inconsolable. I could still feel my feelings but was no longer overwhelmed by them.

Gratitude and Healing

This song is my favorite version of Amazing Grace. In light of the awful discovery of the hundreds of First Nations children found buried in a residential school in Kamloops Canada, I am playing this in remembrance of their spirits.

Breaking news has just discovered over 761 people- mainly children -have been found at the site of a former school in British Columbia. These schools were part of a system that took Indigenous children in the country from their parents over a period of 113 years. They were housed in boarding schools and prohibited from speaking their language. They were sexually, physically and emotionally abused.

I have been honoured to attend workshops on Vancouver Island with Psychology of Vision, and be a witness to the extraordinary courage of First Nations men and women to forgive, redeem and to heal. This video is very beautiful and invokes the spirit of the wolf and the eagle, the Teacher and the Visionary.

May their ancestors watch over them and deep healing of their spirits begin.

June/July Key Dates Monthly Calendar

cancer the crab
Cancer the crab

22nd Mercury direct at 16 degrees Gemini

24th Full Moon in Capricorn

25th Neptune retrograde in Pisces for 5 months

27th Venus into Leo until  22nd July then into Virgo

1st July Mars opposite Saturn

4th July Mars square Uranus. Be aware of accidents so keep grounded. This tension lasts for a week either side of this date.

 5th July Sun sextile Uranus. Positive for creativity. Think outside the box!

10th July New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto. Secrets of powerful people that are hidden may be exposed. Watch the news. Also see 17th July.

 11th July Mercury enters Cancer, the ‘shadow phase’ is over.

13th Venus joins Mars in Leo.

15th July Chiron goes retrograde

 17th July Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn Major day for more revelations. Secrets and lies exposed.

24th Full Moon in Aquarius.


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Our spiritual character and needs are defined at birth. Yet from that same moment, forces around us begin to exert sometimes overwhelming influences on the direction of our spiritual development. Though well intended, these forces may move us along a path contrary to our own best interests.

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Aspects of the Moon

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