June New Moon in Gemini

This June New Moon in Gemini Opens a Gateway

The reason is the Sun and Moon are opposite the Galactic Centre, the Sun’s Sun. This is a Futuristic Visionary June New Moon that sets the tone until the Summer Solstice.

Take time to imagine your future, to create a month where you feel you are a Galactic Ambassador with A Mission to Save The Planet! Remember your sacred promise. Watch Star Wars for inspiration!

The most respected astrologer and author Charles Harvey said “Just as the Sun relates to our sense of purpose in life, the Galactic Centre relates to the higher purpose for mankind”.


In my YouTube video I talk through some key dates.

Changing sign:-

  • Mercury in Cancer June 12th until June 29th- nurturing and sensitive communication.
  • Venus in Leo from June 12th until July 10th- personal creativity.
  •  Summer Solstice June 21st Sun into Cancer until July 22nd Grand Trine in water signs, Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

Special Events:-

Moon joins Venus in Leo on Saturday June 16th. Look to the west and see Venus as an Evening Star with the crescent Moon. Visible until approx. 23.30 BST. In shamanic astrology this opens the heart chakra.

Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde June 19th.

Mars goes retrograde this month in Aquarius on June 26th until August 27th.

Mars is now travelling through Aquarius and will stay there for 6 months. This is a key event of the year. Sign up for my FREE MasterClass webinar.

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Mars is the principle of fight or flight. Its adrenaline- our survival at an instinctive level.

In our birth chart it’s our willingness to fight for what we want. It can be healthy competition or power struggles and a full-scale war!

The questions to ask of your Mars:

What battles must I face? How can I sharpen my will? On this MasterClass:-

  • Discover what Mars in Aquarius means in your birth chart
  • What the Mars retrograde period signifies
  • Learn from history when this last occurred
  • Some famous people with Mars in Aquarius-Genius or Rebel?
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