Keep Grounded at this June Full Moon in Capricorn

Be like a Tortoise at the June Full Moon in Capricorn

The reason is that the Moon is close to Saturn urging patience and caution. Added to this, Mars is making a square to the unstable planet Uranus, and its on the South Node. Chiron is also involved in thios configuration in the fire sign Aries, indicating emotional wounds regarding courage and being a pioneer.

The totem animal of the Tortoise is a reminder that the slowest of creatures won the race against the hare. Its an apt symbol because like the crab, it has a protective shell and carries its home on its back. This is the essence of Cancer, a sign that loves home, family and mothering. Take time to slow down and nurture yourself. Rushing around only creates stress. With the heatwave in the UK, this is even more vital.

Notice that this emotional water sign energy is building toward a positive ‘Grand Trine’ a flow of feelings over the next week. Jupiter moving direct can give a boost of faith and optimism to all the water signs of Cnacer, Scorpio and Pisces.


Changing sign:-

  • Mercury in Leo June 29th. An extended stay as it goes retrograde on July 26th until August 19th. Leadership under the spotlight. It will move into Virgo on September 6th.
  • Venus in Leo from June 12th until July 10th- personal creativity. Feel like the Queen/King in charge of your realm.
  •  Jupiter goes direct  July 10th at 13 degrees Scorpio.
  •  Solar Eclipse July 13th at 20 degrees Cancer.
  •  Grand Trine in water signs From July 5th  July 8th. Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.
  • Mars square Uranus May 16th, August 2nd and September 18th. Be extra careful around these dates as this combination is accident prone.
  • Sun in Leo 23rd July until August 23rd.

Mars is now retrograde from June 26th until August 27th.

Mars is now travelling through Aquarius and will stay there for 6 months. This is a key event of the year, so please watch this video.


In need of personal emotional and spiritual support?

If you have a planet around 9 degrees then the Mars retrograde will be activating it. This is an ideal time for a consultation. See this page for more information>

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