A Magical Day – April Full Moon in Scorpio

Do You Believe in Magic?

This Full Moon is a Magical Day –  Mercury the Messenger joins with the power of the Sun. It’s is a day for genius. Allow a space in the day for the Universe to communicate – to download inspiration from the stars! This conjunction creates a window of extra-sensory perception, enhanced by the intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Mercury is a chameleon -it takes on the energy of whatever it connects with. Today it becomes consumed by the fire, the life force of Spirit in the sign of Taurus, The Lover, The Artist.  The tarot card for Mercury is The Magician, The Alchemist.  Notice how one hand reaches to Heaven, the other points down to Earth.

This is a day to open up, to receive and allow the messages to enter into the physical world. When I am caught in mental chatter I go for  a walk. The physical action of feet on the ground always let the mind rest and in that process clarity can come. Carry a notebook with you and put ideas on paper! Mercury is quicksilver and moves fast so its best to record your insights. (This actual conjunction lasts for 2 days.)  Meditate on Venus in the evening  sky, the beautiful diamond ‘star’ visible after sunset in the west.

Speaking Out

The Sun and Mercury are both travelling through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus is in the sign of Gemini. This is an exchange of signs, and so the planets are telling us to enter partnerships and  communicate with each other.  Its time to speak out, to share what you desire, what your needs are.  This continues until 20th May when Venus moves into Cancer. This is seen in the UK as the biggest question in the minds of the electorate is -how well would the political parties work together if there is a Hung Parliament?

A full moon is a time of heightened emotions and with the moon in Scorpio, this is deep water. There is a positive connection of Scorpio with ruler Pluto, but Mars in Leo continues to cause arguments. Be aware of getting into power struggles over who’s right. It’s a case of do you want to be right -or happy?

Old versus New

This Full Moon brings into focus the tight opposition of  Saturn and Uranus -the old versus the new. This is the 4th occurrence of this planetary picture and lasts until July when it finally ends. This first happened on the day of the US Election on 4th November 2008. Obama’s campaign was based on ‘Hope’, ‘Progress’ and ‘The Change We Can Believe In’. However, the resistance to his health reforms show that we change isn’t always easy, to put it mildly! In the UK we need to be aware that Uranus is The Rebel and does not care about comfort or morality! With The Moon in Aquarius on Polling Day (May 6th) the theme of change for change’s sake is prevalent.
The opposition of Uranus to Saturn only happens every 45 years so is comparatively rare. A respected American astrologer Bob Mulligan wrote in October 2008:-

“Everyone understands that the world is in a time of fundamental realignment. Economic and political changes are here, and there are more to come. A new world is being born from the chaos of the past. This is a time when victory comes by focusing on the future and by being directly involved in the creation of something new.” Bob Mulligan

Uranus is the God of Change, Saturn the God of Security. Uranus is the revolutionary, the rebel, the new. Saturn stands for the conservative, the status quo, the old. This opposition was exemplified by the two presidential candidates- John McCain and Barack Obama.  Now in 2010 in the UK it would be Gordon Brown (old) versus David Cameron (new).

Uranus is the most eccentric planet and it always signifies a change in the collective. Uranus can act impulsively as it wants change for change’s sake. It likes risks and wants freedom.

Saturn can resist change as it keeps us in fear of the future. It is slow and lethargic but without it we would have no structure in our lives – its the backbone of our body so we’d have no foundation on which to build.

The effect in the Body

The negative result of these two energies in the body would be the dramatic swing between elation and depression. It is vital to recognise if you have the tendency to do this and to balance the two. Uranus would show up as the need to have some excitement or thrill -the urge to escape. Saturn can be lazy and lethargy, it’s the desire to bury oneself under the duvet.

Integration -the path to healing

To work with the energy of an opposition of polarities we need to integrate the two opposing forces. A very simple way to do this is to imagine holding the old resistance to change part in one hand (Saturn) and the new radical change part (Uranus) in the other. Melt them down to pure energies (I like to use colour to represent this) and let your hands to come together so the palms face each other. Allow your fingers to interlock and get a sense of what their combined energy is.

You can do this with any opposites. It can be very revealing and is a healing technique I often use with clients.

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blessings, Pam