New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse

This is a powerful New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Aries is the second new moon in April. It’s called a Blue Moon. Aries is ruled by Mars which is now in Cancer so emotions are heightened.

Most importantly, its a Solar Eclipse.

An eclipse represents a break in the usual pattern of events. It’s said that there is a spiritual significance of a Solar eclipse – a portal opens. This is relevant for you if you have a planet in late Aries, or 4 degrees Taurus. Historically eclipses have been thought of as being both mysterious and magical, but they can also be unsettling.

A Portal and Chiron

Reflecting on the word portal, the planet that connects us with a portal, a gateway has to be Chiron, the Archetype of the Wounded Healer. Chiron has an unusual orbit and it travels between Saturn and Uranus. It is called the Rainbow Bridge. It acts as a doorway, a portal between the visible realm of Saturn and the invisible world of Uranus.

These 2 planets represent the old- Saturn and the new -Uranus. As Chiron is travelling through Aries it is bringing up old wounds  and healing for those born between February 1969 and November 1976. This is the wound about being the Pioneer.

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Think back 19 years to understand the significance of this eclipse in your life.

The degree of a Solar Eclipse stays active for approx. 6 months. This is at 29 degrees Aries. As its the North Node in Taurus with the south node in Scorpio it’s time for letting go of old wounds and grievances that you may still be holding onto. On May 13th Jupiter will transit the same degree as this Eclipse before it changes sign into Taurus.

cancer the crab
Cancer the crab connects with family

Mars is now in Cancer

This Aries Solar Eclipse focuses on Mars, now in Cancer. Cancer is an emotional water sign ruled by the Moon, so its not a favourable place for fiery Mars which prefers Aries and Scorpio.

However it is a cardinal sign connected to the 4 turning points in the seasons. Cancer is the Summer Solstice.

Have the courage to feel your feelings and to be vulnerable. You actions may be driven by your heart. When you care about something you want you can get it.

Cancer is a mothering energy, so my hope is that more compassion can be shown to our enemies, or at least a truce.

Looking ahead, Mars will move into Leo, a sign where it is strong on May 20th.

So my question is, do you have issues with your family that need healing?

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 Caroline Myss and the Archetype of The Martyr

I am a keen fan of the work of Caroline Myss and especially her focus on Archetypes. Her work is aligned with mine. She has a weekly blog focusing on a different archetype.

She writes : This week I’m doing the martyr archetype. I’ve encountered this archetype in numerous people who tell me that they have the martyr. Oftentimes people with the martyr archetype find themselves in circumstances where they do a lot for family members or do a lot for the people within their group, and they seek acknowledgement for what they’re doing. But it’s just never provided.

Often because the person from whom they’re looking for that acknowledgement is incapable of giving it.

For this discussion, I thought it’d be a good time to present a template through which you can look at all archetypal patterns. It may just help to understand even more how power progresses through us, and how an archetypal pattern manifests through us. Thank you everybody, I hope you enjoy this discussion on the martyr archetype. I’ll see you next week. Love, Caroline

Venus is in Gemini

Venus is now an Evening Star. It entered Gemini on April 11th. It can be seen after dark as it rises higher in the night sky each month. Its an impressive sight. Venus is the diamond in the sky, so brighter than Jupiter.

On April 23rd-24th the crescent Moon will join Venus in the early evening sky at 14 degrees Gemini. Look to the west at approx 9pm BST to see these to planets setting together. This is the most beautiful sight and in the story of Inanna it opens the Throat Chakra. As the throat chakra is the second power chakra, its a perfect signature for the rise of feminine power.

Key Dates April/May

  • 3rd Mercury into Taurus until June 11th
  • 11th Venus into Gemini until May 7th when it moves into Cancer
  • 20th New Moon at the last degree of Aries, Solar Eclipse
  • 20th Sun into Taurus at 9.13am BST. It will be ruled by Venus in Gemini.
  • 21st Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus at 9.35am BST. It stays in Taurus until June 11th.
  • May 5th Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio at 14 degrees. Close to the Coronation and King Charles is a Scorpio
  • May 7th Venus into Cancer
  • May 16th Jupiter into Taurus for an entire year.
  • New Moon in Taurus May 19th
  • May 20th Mars into Leo

Jupiter is now direct. It is moving fast through Aries.  It will move into Taurus for an entire year on May 16th until May 26th 2024. This is wonderful news for Taurus and Scorpio.

Saturn in Pisces

The most important event of the year started on March 7th when Saturn-Lord of Karma – enters Pisces for the next two and a half years. This ended two and a half years of Saturn in Aquarius so comes as a welcome relief for all Aquarians and the other fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio. Water signs will mow benefit as will earth signs.

Saturn gets a bad press as its nature is heavy representing gravity and reality. To work with Saturn is the key. In the Vedic system the remedy for Saturn is being of service and supporting charities through our direct involvement. Saturn rules time, so once we give of our time and effort we can reap the reward. It is also Mastery as the effort we put in makes us a master.

Chiron and Old Wounds

Chiron the archetype of the Wounded Healer is also activated at this New Moon in Aries. Old wounds need healing, especially those wounds we encountered in our family of birth. In my coaching I explore these issues with clients as they can often be seen in the birth chart in relationship to the Moon and the karmic axis.

I am facilitating a workshop in West London on May 13th/14th with the theme of Healing Ancestral Problems. This is highly relevant with the south node in Scorpio, the sign connected with letting go of the past.

Uranus in Taurus is now direct activating 17 degrees Taurus. Make some practical changes in your life and throw out anything that doesn’t bring you joy! (It went direct on January 22nd.)

Neptune The Dreamer is now direct. In Pisces it favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate. We now have an opportunity to bring our dreams into manifestation. Trust your intuition. Venus joins Neptune on February 15th– just in time for Valentines Day.

Pluto moved into Aquarius on March 23rd. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. However it becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38. It moved into Aquarius briefly on March 23rd until June 11th 2023. However it only transits 0 degrees 22 mins Aquarius so not a major transit.

Do you have a planet in Scorpio?

A little-known fact is that is that it’s very common to have planets in Scorpio.

There are an enormous number of people born in the last half of the 20th century with one or more planets in Scorpio. The normal random distribution, for reference, would produce a figure of just over half the population.

From 1953-1995, however, there was an extraordinary run of outer planets following each other into the sign, and for that 42-year period about 98.5% of all people born have one or more planets in Scorpio.

From 1954-1971 this figure is about 99.1%; and everyone born in the 1960s has at least one planet in Scorpio. Between 1971 and 1974 there was a brief respite, but between late 1975 and 1995 this figure is about 99.7%; only for a few days in 1981, and a few weeks in 1983, were there no planets in Scorpio.