Feeling lost at this New Moon in Sagittarius?

Feeling lost? Neptune’s infuence can pull us down

Soul Astrologer Pam Carruthers gives a brief insight into this New Moon in Sagittarius at 0 degrees 7 mins. This is the second of 4 New Moons at the beginning of a sign, and all 4 elements will in turn have this fresh start.

Neptune is involved, so feelings of being lost and overwhelmed may be strong. Neptune is the God of the Ocean so it can be like a fog, a nebulous cloud that descends and weaken us, it’s the voice that says ‘just stay in bed with our head under the duvet’.

Neptune also connects us to the ideal, so the loss of the ‘Dream Come True’ can be devastating and all we want to do is opt out. Grieving is all important, however if it continues too long then we are holding onto the past and using it to hold ourselves back from living our purpose. Neptune rules addictions that can offer the easy way out of despair.

Jupiter Lifts us Up!

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Now in the sign of Leo it says ‘blow your own trumpet’, be The King and play! Jupiter wants us to expand our horizons, to broaden our perspective and go beyond the beliefs of our education, religion and family. Fire signs have a natural enthusiasm for life and look upward to the future.

Since Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter-King of the Gods this is an ideal time to start over and set our intentions toward what we really want. Think big and aim high!

Jupiter’s questions are:-

  • “What is my meaning?”
  • “Why am I Here?”
  • “Where do I need to take a Leap of Faith?”

Interstellar movieEmbrace this Neptune/ Jupiter theme and go to the movies to enter another realm.

I recommend ‘Interstellar’ which focuses on time, on aging and the parent/child relationship. These are Saturn’s themes and the movie takes us to other planets- to other dimensions – beyond Saturn’s stern gaze.

Neptune’s vision needs to be grounded in Saturn’s reality for it to be effective. That’s what art, music and the movies can bring, lifting us up into transcendence.

A science fantasy novel that goes with this movie is ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle.

The story revolves around a young girl whose father, a government scientist, has gone missing after working on a mysterious project called a tesseract. Written way back in 1959/60 it took 25 rejections before it was published.

It’s a jolly good read!

The Week Ahead

November 23rd Chiron changes direction at 13 degrees Pisces. It went retrograde on 20th June at 17 degrees Pisces. This is the planet that represents the Archetype of The Wounded Healer, and the Rainbow Bridge-the connection between Heaven and Earth.

25th November. Mercury joins Saturn in Scorpio. A day for deep commitment to what you believe in. This is the last time that any planet joins Saturn in the sign of Scorpio for another 28 years!

27th November is an important day. Venus trines Uranus-falling in love at first sight-but the Sun squares Neptune, then Venus squares Chiron-so it can all be a fantasy that hurts. Be aware of impulse shopping-as Venus rules money. You may regret your purchase and need a refund.

28th November Mercury enters Sagittarius. the Messenger adds to the fiery energies bringing hope and a positive outlook.



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“Dear Pam, I want you to know how much I appreciate our session today!

It feels wonderful to be able to see more of the bigger picture of my life. Thank you for all of the information and for the beautiful healing, and for helping me share it with my mother and father – such a blessing!! I have been working on healing my pain and confusion surrounding my relationships with myself, my mother and father and this was truly a day of transformation for all concerned.

Thank you for this wonderful gift and for helping me establish with/for myself my mission – I intend to connect people to God through my artwork. Life is good.

I want to thank you for sharing your gift’s with me and setting a great example of someone who loves what they do for a living. I intend to follow your lead and allow myself to do what I love and love what I do.

I am really feeling so much better and thank you again for such a wonderful session.” Colleen

“Dear Pam, it is really hard to put into words how I feel about what happened this afternoon.

Blessed might be the best and only one I need to use!

I have been trying to piece things together for a while now. Some extraordinary things have happened to me this year and I knew that things were reaching a crescendo. I was trusting the process and the Universe and trying to go with the flow. I love it when things happen that you really don’t expect! A massive heartfelt thank you for helping me at this stage of my journey and uncovering some fascinating information for me.

I felt so incredibly different afterwards and know that what happened today was very significant.

I love that you are so passionate about what you do. Thank you for sharing that passion with me and opening up a whole new world for me to explore. The future is so exciting!” Carolyn


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  • November 22, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Thank you very much Pam for this latest newsletter and video. As always so insightful and clear. I have to say that I went to see Interstellar last week and concur that it is a great film. I found it be very powerful and thought provoking.
    Again thank you

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