New Moon in Taurus- Celebrate Venus the Goddess

New Moon in Taurus

How are you coping with the lock down? For introverts its relatively easy, for extroverts it has to be a challenge. I have noticed how many people I know tell me how tired they feel, myself included.  Taking naps can be vital to our well-being at this difficult time.

I liken this time we are are in to be similar to being in the birth canal. Birth is coming but its not yet the right time. We have to wait. And this is such an unusual experience as we have no control. Deep issues are coming up.

I saw one woman’s Facebook post today how she had been attacked by someone who accused her of not following the 6 feet social distance rule. Are we all becoming so hostile to our fellow human beings for not obeying this rule? With the Sun moving to join Uranus on Sunday 26th April be prepared for unexpected explosions. This could be a volatile day as Uranus is the planet of revolution as well as genius.

As an astrologer I can’t predict when this lock down will end. No-one can. However, there are some insights I have gathered that I feel are worth sharing with you.

Many astrologers are contributing many theories; some are esoteric involving minor asteroids. One I agree with and is the most significant is the Saturn Pluto conjunction that occurred on 12th January 2020 at 22 degrees 46 mins in Capricorn. This is a major event as these conjunctions only happen every 33 years and are extremely important economic cycles. Added to this is Jupiter which enlarges any planet it touches. Usually that’s a good thing, however it can make an illness worse.

One easy to spot transit is that Mars is now moving away from the stellium of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. As Mars is the planet connected to war, anger and inflammation this is good news.

Vedic Astrology and the Lunar Mansion called Ardra

Vedic astrology connects us to the actual constellations that the planets are transiting. Watch my video as I explain the difference.

Adam Smith, a fellow Vedic astrologer, drew my attention to the current transit of Rahu (the north node of the Moon) through the lunar mansion (also known as nakshatra) called Ardra. Its connects with the fixed star Betelgeuse. Rahu began transiting through this nakshatra last year on 20th August 2019 and leaves on 20th May 2020. Its 6 degrees 40 mins-20 degrees Gemini in Vedic astrology. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and connects with the lungs. (To translate that into western astrology it’s in Cancer 0 degrees 33 mins-13 degrees 52 mins.)

Vedic astrologer Roeland de Loof writes that the keywords for Ardra are ‘new growth by elimination of old rubbish’. “It translates as moistness, green, freshness. Its symbols are the teardrop, but also the diamond. There can be tears, or the moistness of the green, the new and fresh things. Diamonds originate from pit coal that has been under high pressure for millions of years. The pressure creates the purity and beauty of the diamond that finally emerges.”

Dennis Harness in his book ‘The Nakshatras’ writes: –

“Ardra is connected to the fixed star Sirius. The presiding deity is Rudra, the lord of the storm and the god of destruction, (similar to Pluto). It’s a fierce form of Shiva. Issues with death, pain and suffering are common themes. Health issues connected with Ardra are:

Nervous system disorders, skin sensitivity, allergies, mental disorders and lung problems.”

Please note if you have this in your birth chart that it’s seen in the chart of healers, hospice workers and social service workers. Plus writers and teachers and humanitarian projects. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross had her natal Moon here. It also contributes to an intelligent brilliant mind. Albert Einstein had it on his ascendant.

In Vedic astrology Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn. Mars changes sign into Aquarius on 4th May, easing the pressure.

Positive News

The strange times we are all experiencing with the lock-down is resulting in some positive news. People are recovering and the lock-downs seem to have reduced the scale of infections. People are getting ver creative and Zoom webinars are booming.Communities are supporting the elderly. Children are painting rainbows. This is interesting as Chiron -the archetype of the Wounded Healer- is known as the Rainbow bridge.

Pollution is clearing. Major cities now have clean air.

One extraordinary man who has captured the hearts of the UK and the rest of the world, is Captain Tom Moore. He will be 100 years old on 30th April. At the time of writing he has raised over 28 million pounds by walking 100 laps on his Zimmer frame around his garden for the NHS. What a magnificent achievement. I cried when I saw the soldiers salute him.

Beltane and Venus The Goddess

On a lighter note we are now in the month of Taurus, ruled by Venus, the Goddess. In May we celebrate Beltane on 1st May, but the actual date is on 5th May when the Sun is at 15 degrees Taurus.

Venus is now in Gemini and goes retrograde on 14th May. Watch the sky after sunset to see Venus as an Evening Star. In shamanic astrology this last Moon Venus conjunction with Venus as an Evening Star will be on Sunday 26 April at 24 degrees Gemini will be activating the 8th chakra. My teacher calls this chakra God as Mother.

I will be announcing a webinar on Venus Retrograde in Gemini so make a note in your diary-it will be on Friday May 1st.

Saturn in Aquarius

On 22nd March Saturn changed sign into Aquarius. This is symbolic of restricting freedom. It stays there until 2nd July as it retrogrades back into Capricorn so we may have some respite from the Covid-19 virus by then.

Fear weakens the immune system

Fear is now spreading as the Covid-9 virus infects the world. Panic buying is prevalent. How do we best respond? Fear weakens the immune system, so loving oneself, compassion and kindness is the most beneficial response.

Deepak Chopra says that fear doesn’t speak the truth. It only speaks fear. Take back your power and use the strength of Mars in Capricorn. Mars goes into battle with fear and panic by his side! He doesn’t let them stop him.

An Affirmation

This affirmation can help us all connect with the Higher brain, rather than the fear based reptilian lower brain. “This is not the Truth. It is only making me afraid.” Repeat 3 times for the greatest effect any time you are feeling overwhelmd by the negative items in the news.

As Neptune travels through Pisces is ruled by the gas giant, Neptune, God of the Ocean, the Sea of Consciousness. We can float or drown in the ocean, and as every sailor knows, it has tremendous power. The the Covid-19 virus is symbolic in the collective of deep emotion, loss and grief.

Take heart that the light is there at the end of the tunnel.

Key Dates

Sun in Taurus until 20th May when it enters Gemini.

New Moon in Taurus 23rd April at 3 Taurus at 03.25 BST.

Full Moon 7th May at 17 degrees Scorpio.

Mercury is now in Aries until 11th May when it moves into Gemini-a sign it rules.

Venus is now in Gemini and goes retrograde on 14th May. Venus stays in Gemini until 7th August. Watch the sky after sunset to see Venus as an Evening Star.

Mars is in the air sign of Aquarius. Mars takes approx. 2 years to travel around the zodiac and is boosting all the air signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.The good news is that it’s now moving away from Saturn.

Jupiter is mainly in Capricorn until 20th December. Time to climb the mountain and make progress step by step. Think how the mountain goat is so agile as it climbs up and you get the idea. It goes retrograde on 15th May until 13th September.

Saturn moved into Aquarius on 22nd March just after the Spring Equinox until 2nd July when it re-enters Capricorn up until 17th December 2020. Aquarius is the sign of community, of the brotherhood/sisterhood of man/woman. It’s a futuristic sign and ruled by the unpredictable energy of Uranus. The full impact of this shift in energy will come next year. One interpretation is the lockdown of communities. The positive is that communities are rallying around to support each other.

Uranus in Taurus is now direct until 16th August activating 5-10 degrees Taurus. Make some practical changes in your life and throw out anything that doesn’t bring you joy!

Neptune in Pisces favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate. I love the meditations with Deepak Chopra as he uses simple sanskrit mantras. See Chopra Center Meditation .

Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. However it becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38.



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