New Moon in Virgo

virgo-harvestA Window of Opportunity

  • New Moon in Virgo sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto-positive
  • Sun and Moon Ruler Mercury exalted- write down what you want to manifest
  • Mars squaring Saturn on September 9th- stress that needs releasing
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The New Moon on September 5th is at 12.36pm BST is the seed for the lunar cycle. Its the earth sign of Virgo, the Virgin and the Goddess.

New Moon in Virgo sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto
This is a very positive combination, as it combines the elements of earth and water, which work well together. It makes for an excellent month for manifesting what you want.

This is the harvest time of year, when the crops are reaped.

Seeds are stored for planting in the Spring. This is a good metaphor for our lives.

As this chart has Mercury exalted, goals set now can bear fruit, as long as you write them down on paper.

A book I highly recommend as it’s short and easy to speed read. It’s called ‘The Type-Z Guide to Success’ by Marc Allen.

Health and Healing

Virgo governs the intestines, which digests and breaks down things.

That’s the function of Virgo. It is service orientated and concerned with work.

Labels are part of Mercury’s function. In Virgo Mercury is exalted, and Virgo notices what is different, and what is out of place.

It is brilliant at organising and creating systems that make life easier. Virgo is at home in the library, or hospital and they make superb PA’s and accountants.

Simply put if you want a job done well give it to a Virgo!

Virgo by Johfra-Bosschart
Virgo by Johfra-Bosschart

Virgo’s gifts are:-

  • Discrimination: Sorting the wheat from the chaff-reading the labels
  • Love of detail
  • Efficiency
  • Purification and cleansing
  • Space Clearing
  • Hands on Healing
  • Technical ability and Craftmanship

The shadow side of Virgo is:-

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Nit picking and overly fussy
  • Nothing is ever good enough

Questions to Ask

Virgo urges us to sort out the priorities in our lives.

  • What needs to be let go of?
  • What is really important to you?
  • How can you hone your skills and talents to produce a bigger crop next year?
  • What courses can you take to help you get on the right track?

Mars square Saturn-Stress

At this New Moon there is high stress in the form of Mars moving to make a square with Saturn-that’s high pressure that needs releasing.

Mars want action, Saturn is resistance, so keep calm, meditate and do some exercise.

De-cluttering your home, clearing out a cupboard or two, taking stuff to the charity shop, all help.
The next few days are a time to do anything physical that uses the muscles (Mars) and gets you out of your head.

Technical work is also Mars related. I love web design and learning new skills in the form of a new way to design sites keeps me satisfied as I have Mars in the sign of Virgo.

So wherever Mars is for you, that’s what needs activating.

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blessings for a joy filled month,