New Year 2013 Astrology

What does 2013 bring for you?

The New Year chart is symbolic astrologically because we all celebrate the advent of a New Year.

Its a time of resolutions and goal setting.

With the strong influence of the sign of Capricorn, and help from the ruler Saturn, this year you can succeed like never before.

I would like to introduce you to the colour system that I use for charts to aid you in knowing more about what’s going on and your own birth chart.

Watch my YouTube video with pen in hand as I give tips for each sign.

What will 2013 bring you?

Astrology Forecast for the next 6 months by Steven Forrest

Astrology provides a really useful map to help you navigate the ups and downs that life brings.

Want to know what’s going on for you in the next 6 months? Steven Forrest’s clear writing style is much appreciated by non astrologers.

This report offers an excellent analysis of all you need to know- essential planetary transits, progressions and monthly detail.

You can buy this 45 page plus report for just £15. Its an invaluable guide.

This stunning astrology forecast report describes how best to handle the transits and progressions for the next 6 months. It ‘s written in a style that’s easy to understand for non-astrologers.

It’s just £15 for 50 plus pages!

I agree with the author of this report when he says “The future isn’t crystallized. It’s a wavering, quivering web of possibilities”.

We have choices.

However when we know what lies ahead in terms of the astrological weather forecast, we can be better prepared and make better decisions and choices.

Knowing what’s ahead allows you to make better choices and take command in your life. The author, Steven Forrest, focuses on the gifts and challenges you will face.

This is how he introduces the report:-

“Traditional astrologers make predictions. Often they are correct. But right or wrong, predictions turn you into a puppet, with the planets holding your strings.

And in my opinion, that is not a very inspiring description of the way the cosmos works, nor a very accurate one.

You are vastly more powerful than that. You can, to a great extent, shape your own life. That at least is my belief.

The future isn’t crystallized. It’s a wavering, quivering web of possibilities. How will they manifest? Much depends upon how you wield the magical wild card we call your freedom.

So, what’s the use of astrology? In a nutshell, it can help you make better choices. The planets never give a definitive answer to the question “What will happen to me?”

The planets offer advice. In a sense, they recommend certain choices over others. They seem biased toward your evolution. They often suggest that you take the less familiar path, the one that moves you into richer fields of your own potentiality.


Saturn is now in Scorpio for the next 2 and a half years. It’s a planet of major importance, but has a bad reputation! However Steven shares how it can be used positively. He writes:-

“Saturn is classically viewed as the “bad” planet, the “Greater Malefic.” Don’t believe it! Used correctly, its transits can bring dignity and self-respect.

Essentially, Saturn is about maturity. The part of your life that’s being touched by the Saturnian energies needs to grow up…which, despite the lies we’re all told, is not a process one mysteriously completes on one’s twenty-first birthday. There is an area of your life where you have simply outgrown yourself, at least inwardly.

The task now is to adjust your outward circumstances to reflect the maturity you’ve already attained psychically and invisibly. It is a material problem, not fundamentally a psychological one. To succeed, there is first a need to face reality squarely, even if it’s unsavory. Then to make a hard choice…that is, to reach an emotional bottom line and not be crippled by your awareness of the ambiguities in your situation.

And finally, in a spirit of commitment, persistence, and self-discipline, to claim those circumstances in your life which reflect the hard inner work you’ve been doing over the last few years.

That’s Saturn in general.”

This report is based on your transits and secondary progressions for the next 6 months. (That’s insider knowledge that astrologers use to explain how you evolve through your life.)

There are 3 parts to the report:-


First, the big questions. In the part of the report called The Invitation, Steven gives you that “mountain-top” perspective that enables you to make sense of the details. Steven speaks in normal English- no jargon – and gives a real depth of understanding to the major planets affecting you in the next 6 months ahead.


Steven turns your attention to some secondary factors that offer suggestions, help, and support in responding to those big questions.


And finally in The Details the report covers month-by-month, day-by-day info which gives you some ground-level insight.

TESTIMONIAL “Its one of the most accurate readings I have had. Very informative. Thanks. Just what I needed to help with all my processing and changes that occurring.” CV

blessings, Pam x