November SuperMoon – Emotions Run High

November SuperMoon:- Post US Presidential Election- Grief and Anger

Much has been said in the media about the fact this Full Moon is a SuperMoon. That means the Full Moon is closer to the earth so looks bigger than usual. The Sun is in Scorpio, an intense and passionate sign, the Moon exalted in Taurus, connected to Venus and the Goddess.

Full Moons always bring up emotions, and since this SuperMoon is less than a week since the US Election, emotions are running high with protests in the cities and outpourings of grief in the US.

I have just been on a fabulous weekend in London with over 300 business women. We were looking at 5 Soft Power Archetypes to replace the over masculine Superwoman archetype. This I believe, was unfortunately the trap that Hillary Clinton fell into.

Many of the women I spoke to were deeply troubled by the US Election and were feeling the collective grief it stirred up. It was similar to post Brexit in the UK.

Are you a sensitive person?

Chiron in Pisces
Chiron in Pisces

In astrology you most probably have several planets in Pisces (especially the Moon), and could be born in the 60ties when Chiron, the Wounded Healer was in that sign.

Chiron is a 50 year cycle, so returned to Pisces in March 2011 and stays until May 2018. Added to this Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 and stays until September 2025.

 It was also in Pisces during WW1. We honoured those who died in battle on Rememberance Sunday.

This increases the potential for healing, for transcendence and visionary art and music. However it also increases the tendency to escape via addictions, and get lost in the roles of  victim and martyr.

In my YouTube video, I explore some of these themes.

Plus I comment on the fact that Scorpio has 3 symbols, the scorpion, the eagle- and the dove/phoenix.

doveRaise Our Vibration

I envisage this Full Moon as an opportunity for all of us- especially my fellow Scorpios -to raise our vibration to that of the Eagle-the Visionary and then the Dove-symbol of peace along with the Phoenix symbol of Rebirth.

I send out compassion and healing to fellow Scorpio Hillary Clinton, who has her Moon in Pisces. And I also raise my vibration to my heart and connect with the heart of Donald Trump, so he govern wisely.

Chiron and the Asteroid Goddess Report

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From Chuck Spezzano’s Blog:-

LET HEAVEN LEAD is the card for today. Today sit back and ask for the direction and the next step you are to take. Heaven will guide you to the extent you want to be shown the way of truth. Do not let your ego tell you what is possible and what is not…If you are guided in a certain way Heaven will make it possible…Give yourself fully to the freedom and the joy that is possible…The other path is one of fear….Your purpose and destiny await you. Have a remarkable and beautiful day!!



rose250Does your heart need healing?

We all have a purpose to be happy, but events long forgotten, and soul wounds we brought into this lifetime can interfere. 

Pam’s Healing Your Heart coaching helps you to transform your life so you can reconnect with your vision and live your dream. She works in a highly intuitive and creative style which is suited to those on a spiritual path.

Pam’s clients feel renewed, inspired and back on track with their creativity and vision.

How the Healing Your Heart Coaching Works

Pam uses her insights from your astrological birth chart with the healing principles of the ground breaking Psychology of Vision model. This model is based on ‘A Course in Miracles’ and is a marriage of psychology and spirituality.

Each time we have a shock, a heartbreak or trauma in our life we lose energy. We carry on our life but we may have covered over and even forgotten what happened. As a result we leave our centre and take on roles, so we work really hard but real success and happiness eludes us.

Finding those places and healing the original incident is a core part of her coaching. Pam is very skilled and well known for her intuitive abilities. With her training in Psychology of Vision, NLP, Aura-Soma Colour and Timeline Therapy she helps her clients reframe and transform the original incidents.

Healing Your Heart Coaching

TESTIMONIAL “I am amazed within the short space of time of coaching with Pam how I feel so much clearer and focused on my own path of healing. Pam very quickly supported me and helped me dive into myself to find out what was blocking me from moving forward.

Pam has an incredible calmness with her coaching with the added expertise of astrological knowledge and she was able to guide me to a brighter, successful and balanced future.  Having been wounded myself in the past, I have started to remember my true qualities and inner strength and amazed at how and why I have given my power away in the past.

Being a Scorpio myself I enjoy the more in depth style of coaching and very intrigued to know the meaning behind the planetary system and I have found the whole experience fascinating. One truly amazing and uplifting experience I feel I have a whole new lease of life and clearer understanding of my patterns and my healing journey which helps me to truly to commit to my soul purpose. Thank you my healing star!” Rachel Perris. Life Coach, Carnelian Coaching