Venus Ritual Opening The Heart Chakra

Venus Ritual at the 4th Gate of The Heart

This Venus ritual is an intention. If you want more love in your life, and to connect with your inner goddess, then this Venus ritual connects you with a shamanic process. It focuses on reclaiming your true feminine power. This is true for both men and women.

Fire is the natural element of the Sun, so lighting candles symbolizes this energetically.

tea lightsTo prepare for the Venus Ritual:

Line up 13 tea lights or candles in a line (preferably in a corridor with the lights off.) Each one represents a planet and the nodes of the Moon. The ritual is to step along the line, speaking each affirmation in turn.

  • Take time for Self Love.
  • Buy pink roses, light candles, burn rose, geranium or jasmine essential oil- create an altar for Venus.
  • Place an image of Venus/The Goddess on your altar.
  • Be The Empress so dress up for the ritual.
  • Play beautiful music to invoke love. I love Deepak Chopra’s ‘The Gift of Love’ with actors speaking Rumi’s poems with seductive and sensual music. See below to watch it.
  • What is your heart’s desire? Write a wish list on pink or green paper for your spiritual, financial, relationship and health goals. Laminate it and read each sentence every day with your finger following the sentences on the paper
venus moon ritual nov 3rd 2016
Venus Moon Ritual November 3rd 2016

Venus Ritual

The Chart above is set for London, UK 45 mins after sunset on November 3rd at 5.09 pm GMT

The actual conjunction of the Moon and Venus occurs at 5.32am. However, rituals are all about intention, so in the Uk we can perform it on Thursday night as Saturn, Venus and the crescent Moon set in the west.

The chart is ruled by Gemini in the UK, and you can use this symbolically as it connects you to the Messenger/Angel Archetype.

  • There is a positive trine of the Sun with Neptune and the South Node and Neptune.
  • The Moon/Venus in Sagittarius are close to Saturn-the planet of commitment.
  • Jupiter in Libra exchanges sign with Venus. Jupiter brings hope, optimism, good fortune and faith in the future.

After setting it up and with intention, slowly walk this path.

There are 13 steps. As you meet each candle/ tea light reflect on the quality of the planet, integrate its message and move on. This process is meant to be helpful and healing.

Rebirth go can be a powerful healing process. Take your time but don’t get caught in taking too long! Each step is approx. 1 -2 mins maximum.

  1. Destiny: North Node in Virgo
    I Seek My Destiny and Focus on Priorities through Listening to Mercury
  2. Faith: Jupiter in Libra
    I find Joy as I Expand and Bless all my Loving Relationships.
  3. Leadership: Sun in Scorpio I Commit to Reclaiming my Power as the Queen of The Underworld and Guide of Souls
  4. Communication: Mercury in Scorpio
    I Commit to Listening to the Magical Dark Goddesses Within to Achieve my Goals.
  5. Structure: Saturn in Sagittarius
    I Seek Truth and Understanding. I Let Go of Self-defeating Beliefs That Have Been Holding Me Back so I May Nurture Faith, Hope, and Vision.
  6. Love and Relationships: Venus in Sagittarius
    I Desire Adventure and am Willing to Take Risks to Open my Heart to Love.
  7. Feelings: Moon in Sagittarius I Nurture Optimism and Promise to Open my Heart and Share my Warmth and Creativity.
  8. Transformation: Pluto in Capricorn
    I Commit to Facing my Shadow and Embracing my Authentic Power to Transform my Life.
  9. Energy and Sexuality: Mars in Capricorn
    I Commit to Focus and Activate My Goals with Patient Dedication. I am a Loyal and Trustworthy Partner.
  10. Past Lives: South Node in Pisces
    I Will Learn the Lessons of the Past and Receive their Messages Through My Dreams
  11. Transcendence: Neptune in Pisces
    I Believe in a Higher Power in the Universe.
  12. Healing: Chiron in Pisces
    I Will Build a Rainbow Bridge to Heal All Wounds That Have Disconnected Me from The Source.
  13. Liberation: Uranus in Aries
    I Initiate Innovation and Welcome Changes in My Life.

Venus Moon at the Heart Chakra- The Empress Archetype

In his book and card deck Archetypes and shadows Chuck Spezzano writes:-

The Empress is Venus in the tarot
The Empress is Venus in the tarot

The Queen is the symbol of feminine power and grace. She helps the King rule the realm. In chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board, protecting the King or leading the offensive. The Queen receives for the realm. Her relationship with the King both reflects and gives life to the realm.

The Queen can bring love, compassion, kindness and beauty to the land, as well as abundance, fertility and generosity. The Queen can bring truth, diplomacy, goodwill and effectiveness. She is the jewel of the kingdom. If the King is the head of the kingdom, she is the heart that drives it.

If there is a deep abiding love between King and Queen, the Kingdom will be visionary and creative, bringing about an inspiring forward progress. As the channel for grace, the Queen is vitally important to the success and spirit of the realm.

The feminine within you has reached a place of strength and will for the good of those around you. You bring the truth, you light the way to goodwill with your beauty and you nurture those around you. You are served only so that you can serve everyone and the greater good. You are loving and beloved. You are the bringer of good fortune, receiving abundance for all.

You are power, goodness and nurturing all rolled into one. You live for more than just yourself. You are the mother of a realm both practical and inspiring and you nurture those around you accordingly. It is not specialness that makes a Queen what she is, but her service.

She is the feminine that births new life and as you embrace this archetype, you will bring a continual renaissance to the world. Be the beloved of all those around you as you love those entrusted to your care. Your heart is that big. You are a Queen.

On my webinar, I make a Special Offer of a Relationship/Venus Coaching Consultation of one hour for £60 using ‘The Love Pack’ process cards.

Venus connects you to your self worth, to your abundance, how much money you earn and your relationships. This consultation is unique and covers:-

  • Your Pre Birth Venus Moon conjunction reveals what was going on in your mother’s life, and how she was feeling about herself as a woman.
  • This is highly relevant for you and your self worth, as you were psychically attuned to her.
  • This was unconscious as you were in the womb, so a consultation looking at this chart gives valuable insights.
  • Knowing and integrating your Venus Overtone adds depth to understanding natal Venus is in your chart.
  • Connection with Aura-Soma colour, giving huge insights into your purpose and your Venus Overtone Soul Group.

I only have space for 20 sessions, and people are already booking, so book yours now.

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This planet often gets overlooked in a chart reading as the heavy outer planets take precedence, but your Venus needs to be seen and appreciated.

We all have a basic need to be validated, to be seen and heard.

Oprah Winfrey said that even the most famous people who appear on her show ask her “Did I do OK?”

My job as an astrologer is to really see you, to acknowledge your gifts and empower you. Rather than predict, together we can co-create your better future.