October Solar Eclipse

October 14th Solar Eclipse-A Portal Opens

The Solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th occurs at 18.55 BST. It isn’t visible in the UK or Europe. The nodal axis has now changed from Taurus/Scorpio where it was on April 20th to Aries/Libra focusing on our relationships. Eclipses are a portal when the Sun and Moon are obscured. The degree of the October Solar Eclipse is at 21, so it remains sensitive for 6 months. There is great spiritual significance as this is a south node eclipse. The south node is about the past. The key is letting go, especially of old wounds in relationships. Past loves may come back to haunt us through our dreams.

Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse this month

Take a note in your diary for Saturday October 14th as its a total Solar eclipse. Stay quiet, meditate, eat lightly and refrain from launching any major business on that day.  Write down your dreams and be aware of the Universe communication with you.

The lunar Eclipse happens on October 28th involving a Mercury opposition in Scorpio to Jupiter in Taurus which is close to the Moon in Taurus. The nodal axis is in Libra/Aries. This bodes well.

Mercury is now in Libra-The Peacemaker

Mercury entered Virgo on 29th July then went retrograde on August 24th, hence the long transit in Virgo. It moved into Libra on October 5th until October 22nd. This emphasises the ability to be the Peacemaker in all communications. Libra is an air sign that wants balance. Its the Diplomat.

Venus is now in Virgo-Purification

Venus entered Virgo on October 9th where it stays all month. Relationships have been under a great deal of stress. Virgo is the healing sign, so communications from the heart become vital.

Notice that Mercury and Venus are in each others signs which supports the energy of both Virgo and Libra.

 Mars entered Scorpio on October 12th

Mars has been in Libra from August 28th where it is weak. Mars likes action, Libra wants peace at any price. Now for the first time in two years Mars transits Scorpio until November 24th. Scorpio is the only sign that has three symbols, the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix/Dove. To raise our vibration is essential with all that is going on in the world. The Eagle signifies the Visionary that flies the highest in the sky. Take time to focus on what raises your spirits.

My prayer is to ask for a Miracle. Libra is the sign that symbolises Peace.

FIRE SIGNS Chiron and Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story

Chiron in Aries- the archetype of the Wounded Healer is activated at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th when it is opposite the Sun and Moon and Mercury. Look out for old wounds surfacing, especially in your relationships.

Spiritual Coaching

Old wounds and heartbreaks need healing, especially those wounds we encountered in our family of birth. In my coaching I explore these issues with clients as they can often be seen in the birth chart in relationship to the Moon and the karmic axis.

If your answer is yes, then a coaching session- or a series- with me using process cards can help. I work with the  Psychology of Vision Triangle model by Chuck and Lency Spezzano.

This is a road map of key issues you’ll be facing at any one time. The coaching is to support you transform soul patterns to embrace your soul level gifts. The unconscious mind is the soul mind, the original mind, the deep mind. This is the mythical mind used in archetypes, symbols and magic. Typically we cover this over age 7 through fear as we have no emotional defense. Astrologically this is the age when have the first Saturn square.

STOP PRESS! I am launching a new 10 Module Coaching Programme details to follow.

EARTH SIGNS Jupiter moved into Taurus on May 16th for an entire year

Jupiter the greater benefic is now retrograde so look where that is in your birth chart. It stationed at 15 degrees Taurus. At this Solar Eclipse its at 13 degrees Taurus. It moved into Taurus for an entire year on May 16th until May 26th 2024. This is wonderful news for Taurus and Scorpio.   Jupiter is the planet of faith, faith in life, that life is worth living. It takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, so look back 12 years to understand its influence in your chart. It  is the biggest planet in our solar system and Jupiter is Zeus, King of the Gods. It brings good luck, expansiveness and the feel good factor. It truly is the planet of abundance, especially now its in the earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and it promotes all activities connected to the earth such as gardening, music, farming, art, material wealth and all good things on the physical plane. It promotes cleaning and using Marie Kondo’s methods of letting go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Taurus is also compatible with the emotional water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn also benefit from Jupiter’s gaze.

EARTH SIGNS Uranus is now retrograde in Taurus activating 23 degrees Taurus to 19 degrees Taurus. Change is what Uranus needs. Work with it. Make some practical changes in your life. Clear those cupboards!

WATER SIGNS Neptune The Dreamer is now retrograde. In Pisces it favours all the water signs. Watch your visions and dreams, get creative and meditate. We now have an opportunity to bring our dreams into manifestation. Trust your intuition. 

One key word for Neptune is compassion. However it can also indicate illusion, deceit, scandal, loss, drowning, a feeling of being overwhelmed and lost. If you’ve been feeling exhausted, depressed, over-burdened and with little energy then I recommend taking time out and being kind to yourself. Take comfort and know that “this too will pass”.

Bach Flower remedies such as Elm, Sweet Chestnut and Oak may be helpful. Also for shock Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy.

EARTH SIGNS Pluto is now direct. Pluto is an outer planet and affects world events. Just last weekend Mars formed a square to Pluto. This symbolises an anger that becomes a violent rage.

However Pluto becomes more personal if it connects with one of inner planets in your chart. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. It is activated at mid-life when it makes a square to itself around the age of 38. It will move into Aquarius next year from January 22nd until September when it will retrograde back in Capricorn. However it only transits 2 degrees Aquarius so not a major transit.



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Native American prophecy states that when the planet of healing is discovered in the sky, the ancient sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. Discovered in 1977 that planet is Chiron- wounded healer, shaman and the rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Understanding Chiron is really important. Our wounds are the way the ego keeps us small, so we hide from our purpose.

In our charts its where we feel wounded and weak. However our wound is the very thing we are called to heal so we can heal others.

Chiron is the Archetype of the Wounded Healer, so healing our wounds is now a priority. It’s not something that can be put off any longer.

Only by changing our vibration can we move into a higher energy and enjoy being in the flow of our lives rather than be dragged along.

How old were you when you when you were first wounded?

This occurs when Chiron makes a square to its natal position in your birth chart.

Depending on what sign you have Chiron in will indicate how old you were when you experienced this first square to your natal Chiron.

In my research for this MasterClass I discovered that my first square to my natal Chiron occurred when I was 12 years old. At first I couldn’t remember what happened back then. Its a long time ago! I lost my first love plus my beloved pussycat died. I was heartbroken.

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