Pisces New Moon

New Moon in Pisces-‘Tread Softly for you tread on my dreams’

In my Pisces New Moon YouTube video  I describe the astrology of this ultra sensitive and healing New Moon.

The Pisces New Moon is connected to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and makes a trine- a positive flow of energy to Jupiter in Cancer.

  • Mercury moves direct on Friday February 28th at 2pm GMT
  • Mars will move retrograde on Saturday at 4.23pm GMT
  • Saturn goes retrograde on Sunday at 4.19pm GMT
  • Jupiter moves forward! on March 6th at 10.42am GMT

This is a massive amount of change, so will be reflected on planet earth.

How flexible are you?

Are you listening to what the angels and your dreams wants to tell you?

Mars goes retrograde in Libra

Mars is travelling through Libra and through a lunar mansion called Chitra.

In Vedic astrology, this is a highly auspicious part of the heavens, and promises a positive time for us, if we choose it.

The star connected to this part of the heavens is a brilliant star called Spica.

The artist’s impression is quite beautiful.

The star connected to this part of the heavens is a brilliant star called Spica. The artists impression is quite beautiful.

One of the great stars in the sky, Spica is the wheat sheaf being held by the goddess of fertility, the thousand named Isis or Christian Mary.

Once this gift used to be knowledge of cultivation. Now Spica represents the goddess’ gift of new knowledge and gives a potential for brilliance to any chart it touches.

This is you if you have a planet in your chart between 18 degrees Libra- 1 degree Scorpio. Or were you born between 11th October- 24th October?

Roeland de Looff in his beautiful book and cards on the lunar mansions called The Hindu Lunar Zodiac says:-

“The pearl, the symbol of Chitra can be regarded as the symbol of the True Self, of the divine spirit within us.

The pearl hides in the oyster shell. In order to reach the pearl, the shell has to be cracked and the oyster removed.

Thus in order to reach our True Self, the defence mechanisms of the ego have to be broken and the ego must die.

Only the heart (the pearl) will remain.

This is a painful process, as the ego doesn’t want to give up its defence mechanisms.

The spiritual path is the way of the artist (striving for perfection of form and of meditation in order to open up to the True Self.”

pink-angelWish Upon a Star

Jupiter is now high in the sky at night. Jupiter and Neptune are both planets that vibrate to the highest potential within us.

Our dreams can come true.

We just need to have faith.

A great quote was given to me today by Judi Harrington.

It sums up the energy of this New Moon.

 “You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” C. S. Lewis

Manifesting Change and Embracing your Power

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