Return of the Goddess- Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is now visible in the Evening sky as it sets after the Sun. On December 10th it moves into Capricorn.

We are currently in Venus’s Synodic cycle that began on 17th January at 21 degrees Capricorn. This lasts until August 2015.

Shamanic Astrology tracks the zodiacal position of Venus at each of her heliacal risings creating an overtone for the entire cycle. Each cycle embraces a new feminine archetype that lasts approx. 18 months.

Venus in Capricorn is the Crone, the Wise Woman and the Council of Elders. This is in my mind Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.

Venus in Capricorn brings out the ability to earth our dreams, so this is a very auspicious time until she moves into Aquarius on Jan 3rd 2015.

Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow of Oneself
Inanna and Erishigal: Meeting the Shadow

Venus and The Goddess- The Gates of Initiation

Venus is associated with the Sumerian myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven who descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereskigal and is stripped of her power and her vestments at 7 Gates and then killed by her.

These 7 gates are the 7 chakras.

We can associate the conjunctions Venus makes each month with the Moon, with the 7 gates (or chakras) that Inanna passes through.

The first corresponds to the crown chakra (she gives up her crown) and the last to the root, or sacral chakra (she gives up her life).

  • Venus has been in the ‘Underworld’ and thus invisible since Sept 16th at 16 degrees Virgo.
  • She joined the Sun on Oct 25th at 2 degrees Scorpio.
  • On December 4th Venus became visible once more above the horizon at 22 degrees Sagittarius.
  • She is now transformed and empowered from her initiation with the Sun as is an Evening Star.

Over the next 8 months she meets with the waxing Moon, thus returning through the seven ‘gates’ in the reverse order as she regains her vestments and symbols of power.

December 23rd is the first ‘Gate’ when Venus joins the Moon at 15 degrees Capricorn at 3.17 am GMT.

This is The Gate of Manifestation, the root chakra as she regains her royal robe.

This is a highly significant date as Saturn changes sign that day into Sagittarius at 16.33.

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Mary as Sophia, Queen of Heaven
Mary as Sophia, Queen of Heaven


8th Dec Monday Sun conjunct Mercury at 09.51 at 16 degrees Sagittarius

Jupiter goes retrograde 20.41 at 22 degrees of Leo

10th Wednesday Venus enter Capricorn at 16.41

12th Friday Mercury trines Jupiter at 11.23

14th Sunday Sun trines Jupiter at 15.55

Venus sextile Neptune at 16.54

Waning half moon at 22 degrees Virgo

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  • Saturn is now in Sagittarius for the next 2 and a half years. However it retrogrades back into Scorpio from 15th June- 18th September.
  • Jupiter in Leo is retrograde until 9th April.
  • Uranus and Pluto get activated for the final time on 17th March 2015.  Are you affected?