Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon inspires us to heal the Spiritual Wound

A New Moon is a seed for the next month. This Sagittarius New Moon is fiery and asks us to be inspired, to look to the future. However, with the current tense situation in the world, its  all too easy to cut off from negativity and not watch the news.

I believe that what I see in the world is either my projection, or an extension of love. I know that being in denial isn’t a solution.

Where do you go when you are feeling down?

Are you are facing a major life challenge that is the Dark Night of the Soul? If you are going through a spiritual crisis and you don’t attend a place of worship, it’s not always easy to find solace.

We all need support

At times when it’s hard to sleep there are resources I have that bring me back to my centre and the Source. I have books, cards and videos that console, comfort and inspire me. I am also fortunate in that- as an astrologer- I am able to see the bigger picture and know that ‘This too shall pass.’

We are facing some tough cosmic alignments:-

  • Saturn (resistance and fear) square to Neptune (The Divine)
  • Mars (God of War) triggering the square of Pluto (God of the Underworld) and Uranus (God if Chaos)
  • Plus the new moon in Sagittarius brings Chiron (The Wounded Healer) into focus.

This is a spiritual resource that I am delighted to be able to share with you.

I couldn’t get to see her talk in London, so I was heartened to watch the excellent spiritual teacher of  ‘A Course in Miracles’, Marianne Williamson on YouTube. If you have never read her book ‘A Return to Love’ I highly recommend it, along with ‘A Woman’s Worth’.

Marianne speaks the Truth. She speaks of the power of fierce love, of forgiveness, and the importance of naming what we need to forgive. She reminds me of the spiritual truth that we need to bring the darkness to the Light. And that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear into love.

She asks us not what do I have to do? Rather who do I need to be?

Watch her, and be encouraged to return to love this Christmas.

I will be announcing a free webinar to be held on the eve of the Winter Solstice Dec 21st, to offer Spiritual sustenance.




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