Scorpio Eclipse 2012: A Stargate Opens

Scorpio Eclipse and Pluto’s power. Card from ‘Astrology Reading Cards’ by Alison Chester-Lambert. Illustration by Richard Crookes

This Scorpio eclipse is a powerful time for transformation, meditation and healing deep emotions

This New Moon is in Scorpio at 21 degrees and that eclipse degree will be sensitive for 6 months.

Mercury is close by at 0 degrees Sagittarius and because it’s retrograde will move back into Scorpio on 14th November.

Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler, as is Mars. Both are significant this year. Pluto is making an ongoing square to Uranus, which is challenging all of us to change.

The image is a card from an astrology deck and the message ‘Your ability to transform, take a big leap forward and re-birth’ is very apt.

Plus at this eclipse Mars is conjunct the Galactic Centre, known as Hunab Ku by the Mayans. If you have a planet between 24 -28 degrees of Sagittarius then you are a Galactic Messenger.

Mars will move into its exaltation sign of Capricorn on 17th November where it stays until 26th December. That’s good news for business, structure and for Capricorns.

Listen to messages from the Underworld- the power of the Shaman is strong.

Listen to your dreams, to messages via email, in the news and Facebook.

I noticed that the news is of sex scandals as 2 major military men in the US have resigned, and the Shadow of the Scapegoat is showing up in the form of the BBC. Coincidentally this was the card chosen by Chuck Spezzano today:-

The scapegoat is a role that begins in the family. The scapegoat acts out the negativity and problems of the whole group so that the whole group can have a normal life. They are as much in service in the family as those playing the hero role or the sacrificer role. All are compensations for guilt and a way of hiding from one’s purpose. The scapegoat is the one everyone is angry at or blames and so others don’t deal with their issues or problems but project them on the scapegoat. Today is a day of awareness and healing in regard to our scapegoat shadow figures that are typically repressed and our scapegoat self-concepts where we think it is normal to be the scapegoat.”

November 13th Eclipse- the Pleiades Stargate Opens

This is the first Solar Eclipse in Scorpio since 1993. Think back to what was happening in your life back then.

A powerful Stargate opens as the South Node of the Moon is conjunct the Pleiades. The nodes of the Moon are Stargates, inter-dimensional doorways for accessing greater realities. At an eclipse our awareness can expand beyond 3 dimensional reality.

In ancient mysteries the Pleiades are known as ancestors and came as starseeds, bringers of light and knowledge. At 24 degrees of Taurus in the sign of the Moon’s exaltation, this beautiful star cluster known as the seven sisters, connect us to the Goddess energy. Its only in winter in the northern hemisphere that we can see the constellation of Taurus.

Solar Eclipses have an effect for 6 months, so this ‘Stargate is activated until 10th May 2013.

Hecate from The Goddess Oracle. Illustration by Hrana Janto

Hecate- Are you at the crossroads?

There are many Goddesses that are allied to this Scorpio New Moon; all are powerful feminine archetypes. Hecate governs the third cycle in a woman’s life- the wise woman. She also is the Dark Moon Goddess and concerned with magic, ritual, ceremonies and the Underworld. Hecate represents the Crone, the wise woman and also The Soul In Transition.

The crossroads are a time of choice, and Mercury retrograde back into Scorpio emphasises this, and Scorpio is the sign of letting go.

Hygeia, Cassandra, Hecate and Medea are the four goddesses who plunge the depths of the unconscious realm. Medea is the Herbalist and Healer but also witchcraft and magic ritual. Cassandra is The Prophetic Soul and Hygeia is The Soul Of Health.

If you’d like to understand how these goddesses operate in your birth chart, then The Goddess Report tells you where these Goddesses and 8 others are in your horoscope, and where the aspects of the feminine seek to be honoured in your life.

You can read about the fascinating mythology of these 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses  as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house. It includes a full colour chart wheel. It is more like a book than a report as it is packed with information. Delivered to your email box in a PDF format so you can easily print it or email as a gift.

The Goddess Report says that:-

“The goddesses of the underworld are powerfully insightful and understand the deep waters of the unconscious, the complexity of feelings, the power of mystery and magic and the uncertainty of life. These goddesses may reveal themselves through a healing crisis, the psychic senses, loss, betrayal or a myriad of other mysteries that arise in our lives.”

Healing your shadow: Embrace your true power

Healing Your Shadow- Embrace Your True Power’ Workshop Dec 8th/9th London

This workshop focuses on healing the shadow, the negative self concepts we have about ourselves, and healing those places in our lives where we lost power.

Your true power is the 3rd chakra, your centre and connection to Source, to faith, trust and to strength. Astrologically it is ruled by the Sun. Events in our lives can knock us off this centre, we lose confidence and start to doubt ourselves.

On this workshop the processes will include:-

  • A Sacred Ritual as the astrological wheel is created and the Winter Solstice chart of 21 12 2012 is laid out. We’ll enter this circle and find our personal connection to this significant time of Awakening. This is a focus of our individual and collective intention on the positive future.
  • Shamanic Journey to connect with your power animal and your Inner Guide
  • Shadows explored and healed by embracing your Archetype
  • Ancestral healing. Discover the ancestor whose victim story has unconsciously influenced your life and heal your timeline
  • Buddy exercises to regain lost power
  • Letting Go ritual
  • Hawaiian Huna Healing
  • Ho’ opono pono forgiveness ritual (Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships)

Each person will be involved in the processes and have individual attention. This is workshop using ritual, which is the reason it’s for a group of 12 people.

As this is a prelude to the Winter Solstice of 21 12 2012 a larger group has more power than my usual workshops for 8.

A deposit secures your place. Commit now to your future.

This workshop is now over.
many blessings,

Pam x

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