Solar eclipse and the Divine Feminine

The High Priestess-  Sophia, Queen of Heaven
The High Priestess- Sophia, Queen of Heaven

Solar Eclipse and the High Priestess

At an eclipse there is an alignment of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

If you know the Tree of Life-the mystical system known as the Kabbalah- you may recognise the symbolism of this alignment as the first 3 sephirot of Malkuth-the kingdom, Yesod The foundation, and Tipareth -Beauty.

These sephirot are also the first 3 chakras. And importantly, the tarot is directly related to the Tree of Life.

Once these 3 chakras are aligned there is a direct path via the High Priestess to Kether-the Crown chakra or Neptune.

The Tree of Life is a mystical map that is said to lead us back to God.

Therefore at an eclipse we can open up to a spiritual connection, our Divinity, especially since this eclipse occurs in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

The High Priestess can be likened to the wisdom of Sophia, or the Virgin Mary the Queen of Heaven,

 Venus into Taurus

This week sees Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, move into her own sign of Taurus on Wednesday, the same day we have the last square of Uranus and Pluto.

At the eclipse on Friday Venus makes a difficult aspect to Saturn which has just turned retrograde at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.

This tension is known as a letting go aspect, and I suggest that it’s a letting go of the fear of being loved…

Find out more by joining me on Thursday evening as we approach this opening to our highest aspirations and the Divine Feminine within us all.

eclipse-masterclassjpgPisces Solar Eclipse and The Spring Equinox

March 20th has 2 major astrological events both happening on the same day.
First there is a Solar Eclipse at 9.37am GMT at the last degree of Pisces.
Then at 22.45 the Sun enters Aries – The Spring Equinox a new season, a rebirth.
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On this webinar discover:-
• What the March Solar Eclipse signifies for relationships
• The Meaning of The Axis of Destiny- the Moon’s Nodes
• The deeper spiritual significance of this Solar eclipse.
• The Vedic myth ‘The Churning of the Oceans’ that explains the deeper meaning of eclipses
• The Vedic Lunar mansion that explains the significance of this Eclipse
• A Healing process.

I look forward to connecting with you on the eve of this Divine Cosmic event,



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