Navigating the Eclipse Season

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse on March 20th was awe inspiring. This is a recording from the BBC in the UK, so my apologies if you can’t view it. Although watching on TV, I cried when I saw the second diamond appear. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


I gave a webinar on the eve of the eclipse. The Solar Eclipse effect last for 6 months and you can watch it here as it is still highly relevant. I guide you through a healing process called Ho’oponopono at the end:-


My YouTube for the week ahead is here:-

The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th is the next major event and has more intensity than the Solar Eclipse. As it ocurrs over the Easter weeked the symbolism is evident in the shadow of The Betrayer, as shown by Pluto. The focus of this webinar will be to heal the shadow that is deeply buried in all of us as it hides the Mystic.

April Lunar Eclipse: Healing the Shadow

April 4th is the Lunar Eclipse when emotions can run high.

It is potentially life changing, as the square between Uranus- The Awakener- and Pluto –The Unconscious- are activated by this powerful alignment of the Sun and Moon.

Be fully prepared by signing up for this free webinar with Soul Astrologer Pam Carruthers.

On this webinar discover:-

  • What this Lunar Eclipse signifies for relationships
  • The deeper Spiritual significance.
  • Exploring the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.
  • The Archetypes and the Shadows in each of us.
  • Process to Heal The Shadow and Receive the Archetype.

I look forward to connecting with you at this auspicious time.
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