Sun into Aries at Spring Equinox

AriesWhat action will you take right now to change your life?

The Spring Equinox marks the day where equal day and night meet. This is the turning point in the year, as we rise from the darkness of winter ready for the birth of a new cycle and the adventure of life.

Wherever Aries is in your birth chart is now receiving a major turbo boost of energy.

This is the time to make changes, especially when Mars joins Uranus on 22nd March.

What is Sun, Mars and Uranus in Aries activating for you?

Today I joined Weight Watchers today to get back to my ‘fighting’ weight!

I have signed up for a 2 year contract and now have a Smart phone after months of deliberating, and have started to Tweet.

I am about to launch my next workshop focused on Clearing Karma, and have a series of webinars in the pipeline.

Mars with Uranus says- Be decisive. Be bold. Be fresh. Be original. Be new.

As the card says, “The energy around you is dynamic and spontaneous. Crusading, impulsive action is likely.”

Watch my 11 minute YouTube Video to see how the Game Changes this month!

I look at how the planets form alliances or challenges at the chart of the Spring Equinox.

Mercury is now direct, but still very slow.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, Moon is in her own sign of Cancer.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is ultra speedy, but I am urging caution.

THE KEY PHRASE for Aries is “I am” and it governs the number 1

Aries Sun Sign March 21st- April 19th (approx dates)

Aries as a sign is all about ‘me’, pure and simple. Aries corresponds to the head of the body and Aries can go through life head first.

Its a time for us all to forge ahead, to assert ourselves. However as the energy is strongly Aries, be careful not to act on impulse you can often make mistakes in your rush to get things done, and can be accident prone.

The Sun is exalted in this sign and is has all the solar qualities of creativity, enthusiasm and courage. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac.

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I have started to tweet and am finding it fun. Follow me on Twitter at


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*NB. Planets aren’t actually doing anything to us. Rather there is a synchronicity -“As above, so below”.